Converting Your Website into an Android App in Kenya

The mobile phone is an essential part of human life all over the world where technology dominate, time is limited and there is need for speed. In the world we are living today, every single moment there is a need for mobile phone to get in touch with the whole world, news reading, shopping, entertainment, working and other businesses. 

If you have or plan to create a website for your business and you want to involve a wide range of clients, consider creating a mobile application with a reliable app development companies like JanesonX. However, having your website turned into a mobile app has various benefits as I will explain below. With the increased dependence on smartphones and apps, enterprises have invested on potential mobile apps for their businesses. Mobile phones are easily accessible and are convenience at all time. Most people are using smartphones to switch to various mobile apps on android or IOS. A successful mobile app should help solve a problem and is convenient to users, necessary for a profitable channel for your business.

Two Methods to Convert a Website into Android App

  1. The first option is to develop the mobile app from the scratch, where you can hire a specific Android mobile app development company which will build an app according to your requirements and considering all the details of your website. This will specifically meet user’s needs and be a great mobile add-on to a website hence helping in gaining new mobile users and success. 
  2. The second option to develop a mobile app through use of converter platforms. Converters have built-in templates, simple drag and drop features to create custom mobile apps.

There are two main types of converters. 

  • The first one creates a website enclosed in a WebView-wrapper within the app that makes it look and function like an official app.


  •  The second one is for websites developed using engines like WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix or others. They have engines that provide specific APIs that converters integrate with built-in templates to turn a website into an app.

Converter apps are cheaper and offer cheaper and faster conversion compared to months it would take a developer to create a mobile app from scratch. But the apps created using converters cannot match in performance to the custom apps built by developers through proper channels. This is because, some converters have limited types of features, do not support the built-in features of a mobile device. Some of the converters include; Como, Swebapps, Mobiloud, Onbile and Buildfire.

Probably, you might opt to find ready-made services which can enable you to turn your website into a mobile app in just a simple click. Of course, there are such tools in the internet, but the problem is that user experience as well as User Interface (UI) such as pages and visual elements – like buttons and icons will be terrible even though the application will be looking like an Android app. In addition, when you plan to create app from website, you can use plugins of WordPress if your website functions on these engines. It will work as well, but, you will be limited to functionality, and you will not be able to add new features in future if the template doesn’t support it. Hiring the right app development company guarantee proper functionality of your app.

However, there are important aspects you should consider when you convert your website to mobile application. These includes;

  • Cost of Development: This the first step of the long journey. The main determinants of mobile app development cost, is not the features of the app but the infrastructure which includes; data storage, scalability, basic controls, third party integration, access to enterprise data and data encryption.
  • Targeted Audience: One of the key reasons why businesses establish their website and mobile presence is to attract potential customers. It is also significant to have a thorough understanding of various devices and platforms that users prefer. Opt for tools like Google Analytics to assist you identify the right type of audience and devices for your mobile app as well as to know your customers activities on your mobile app.


  • Screen Size Difference: When you decide to convert your website into Android app, remember there are screen size options. It will be user-unfriendly mobile app when your website is full of pictures, analytics, charts, buttons etc., since the mobile app won’t have all these features that a website have. But don’t worry about that because JanesonX app developers will assist you solve this challenge.


What’s next?

With the app-creation resources available, there’s really no excuse to remain app-less. I will tell you why you need a mobile app for your business.


Reasons You Should Turn Your Website into an Android App 

If you want to be relevant in today’s smartphones- driven world, then you probably need to convert your website into an app. Here are crystal clear reasons to do so;

  1. Expand Your Audience. Nearly all mobile apps are acquired and downloaded through the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhones and iPads). And positioning your app in these stores puts your brand in a better position to reach millions of potential clients. 
  2. Customization Possibility. Android being an open source platform that enable users to make changes as much as possible and whenever you need it.
  3. Promote Audience Engagement and Retention. Through Android app Push Notifications is best way where you can inform your users of any updates, send custom messages or about special features.
  4. Quality User Interface. Buttons, text margins, links are controlled easily by finger clicking. This enable the user to quickly access the app for much more experience.
  5. Offline Capabilities. Although mobile apps needs an internet connection to operate, they also have the capability to offer basic content and functionality to app users even in offline mode. This enables to maintain users’ interests and establish a long term relationship.


  1. Regular Connectivity. With the mobile app accessible in the pockets of customers, you can stay connected anywhere and anytime through any device which is not possible with just a website.

Convinced you need a mobile app? Share your ideas with our experts on JanesonX, a full-cycle software and mobile app development company to assist you to take your business to the next levels.