Delivery Management Software System Services in Kenya


Your e-commerce sales may have increased as a result of your effective marketing. Each day, you receive a ton of orders. Sending out a small number of daily deliveries is simple, but once you start receiving many more, managing delivery operations becomes difficult. More orders equate to more deliveries, routes, and drivers.


Simple online route planners that you use for a few deliveries might not be enough for planning deliveries of dozens or even hundreds of items. It can be difficult to switch between the internet and mobile apps and print out itineraries. Your next move might be to look for a specialized delivery management solution for your deliveries in order to streamline that procedure.


Trends in Delivery Processes

The demand for faster delivery services has increasingly grown from customers of various goods. Customers are increasingly willing to pay for preferred options like a just-in-time delivery or same-day delivery. Businesses have been using specialized delivery management solutions to meet customers’ expectations for quick delivery at a fair price. These delivery management software programs target various facets of the delivery supply chain, ranging from last-mile consumer interaction to back-end operations management.


However, companies should remember that any delivery management software must take into account the full delivery process, not simply a single step. Businesses must have a more expansive mindset when it comes to delivery management.


What Entails Delivery Management System?

Delivery management refers to the procedures that make it possible for items to be successfully transferred from one point to another. Software for delivery management is used to control the supply chain operations involved in moving items from one place to another. In general, it’s the method used by businesses to deliver packages.


In today’s cutthroat market, managing delivery involves more than just one phase in the flow. It involves managing processes from the warehouse all the way to the customer’s door. It involves switching from logistics software that just addresses particular delivery problems to a platform strategy that enables you to manage, enhance, and scale your delivery and logistics.


Enough Reasons to Adopt Delivery Management Software System

Delivery management software is essential for simplifying eCommerce delivery processes. This is accomplished by fusing information about the order, inventory, and driver availability with systems for eCommerce and logistics. 


Delivery management software makes it easier for businesses to accomplish delivery, from route planning and dispatch to live customers while tracking and providing digital proof of delivery. It does this by digitizing and connecting the various parts and processes involved in the delivery.


Businesses need to look into technologies that boost productivity and the customer experience throughout the whole supply chain if they are to actually assist in managing delivery operations from start to finish. That is why Janeson is ready to create a customized delivery management system for your business.


Features of a Delivery Management Software System


1`. Online Communication

When it comes to ensuring a wonderful effective delivery experience, communication between a customer and delivery representative is essential. A natural language processing-powered online chat platform is embedded into contemporary delivery management software. Without human interaction, it can reply to client inquiries properly.


  1. Mobility

Utilize driver applications to control the delivery process. Such a program streamlines delivery processes and maintains all the data accessible to drivers well in advance. A driver can start working on the allocated tasks as soon as he logs into the application. For logistics stakeholders to track, trace, and manage delivery operations, all the delivery data is swiftly supplied to a digital control tower using sophisticated integrations on a per-driver basis.


  1. Connectors

Through pre-built connectors, advanced delivery platforms can integrate with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. In order to increase productivity and customer service, it removes the need for repetitive data entry and puts the appropriate information in front of the user.


  1. Aggregator of Customer Experiences


Businesses can create a predictable and consistent customer experience by utilizing current delivery management software to notify clients at every stage and deliver proactive alerts and notifications. It supports the delivery of an engaging, interactive track-and-trace experience that keeps customers happy. By enabling clients to choose a different delivery time and location, businesses can offer them a self-service delivery model.


  1. Crowdsourcing

Scaling operations during busy times is challenging, which leads to missed commercial opportunities. Using current delivery management software, duties may be assigned to drivers promptly and based on cost, proximity, and urgency.


  1. Electronic Control Towers

Gaining visibility into a multi-party, consumer-driven supply chain network might be challenging when it comes to carrying out logistics. Businesses are given real-time visibility into logistics issues, such as pick-up issues, route-wise performance, delivery delays, etc. for all orders on a single screen using a delivery management platform driven by a digital control tower (DCT).


Customers today are concerned with four factors: speed, price, product availability, and convenience. Customers want to be able to choose where, when, and how their packages are delivered, and they want a wide range of services to be available. The first step toward providing a unique fulfillment model that customers expect is delivery management software.


Key Benefits to Using Delivery Management Software System

Utilizing a delivery management software system for your daily business operation has various advantages. Let’s now have a look at some of the benefits you shall enjoy when using the system. You shall be able to;

  • Grow your business
  • Manage peak periods. The software enables you to quickly expand the number of drivers and cars you deploy to meet peak demand. 
  • Deliver faster
  • Manage drivers more easily. It is simple to follow a driver’s progress along their delivery routes.
  • Keep your customers happy
  • Reduce fuel costs. Analyzes traffic conditions and adjust routes to save fuel consumption while your vehicles are idle in traffic.


Global companies are using delivery management software to increase supply chain and logistics efficiency and create wonderful client experiences. Contact us today to see how we can support you in achieving the same.