Dental Clinic ERP – Business Management Software System Services in Kenya

Opening a new dental clinic, or do you have an existing dental clinic and want to improve your business?


You need a dental clinic management software system that will help you run your practice like a business. Dental clinics are complex organizations, with multiple departments and responsibilities. Most dental clinics have too much to do, and not enough time to do it all. A well-designed dental clinic management software system can help you:


Functions of a dental clinic management software system

The dental clinic management software system provides a full range of services for the dental clinic. Our dental clinic management software system can help dental clinics in several ways. The following are some of the main functions of Dental Clinic Management Software:


  1.  It is used to store patients’ records, insurance details, financial matters, etc. The dental clinic management software system is a powerful tool that can help your dental practice run more efficiently and effectively. The database is an essential part of all dental clinics. A good database can help you manage your business better. This software system will allow you to easily manage your business and make it easier for you to get your work done.


      2. With a database, you can easily track expenses, revenue, and other important information related to your business. The database also helps in calculating profit margins and giving you an idea about how much money you have spent on different expenses during a particular period.


      3. With a good database, you can also keep track of patients who have been treated and their treatment records so that it becomes easier for doctors and staff members to remember their patients’ records.


      4. Another important feature of this software system is that it enables doctors or other staff members to access patients’ medical history from anywhere at any time on their mobile phones or computers. They can also send messages to patients directly from this software system without having to wait for them to come in person


    5.  Track patients’ insurance coverage status so that you never have to worry about whether or not they have coverage available when they come in for their appointment. This feature allows you to keep track of payments as well as reimbursements from insurance companies automatically


   6. With a dental clinic management software system, you will be able to save time and money on personnel costs by eliminating the need for paper forms or manual bookkeeping procedures. This will allow you to focus on what really matters the quality of care provided by your staff. 

Our dental clinic management software helps you save time by automating many processes that used to take hours or days before. Every day after we install our new version on your system, we’ll check for any updates or fixes necessary for it to work properly in your environment. If there are any issues with our software, we’ll contact you immediately so that we can fix them.


  1. The dental clinic management software system provides you with all of the features needed to run an efficient dental practice. You can use this software to manage appointments, schedule staff and patients, access patient records, create treatment plans and billing statements, send marketing materials and so much more!
  2. Reduce paperwork by automating many routine processes, such as scheduling patient appointments, billing insurance companies, and communicating with patients.
  3. Improve workflow so that staff doesn’t spend their time doing tasks they already do on paper.
  4. Make it easier to manage expenses by keeping track of everything from supplies to office rent payments with one easy-to-use software system.


Why Choose Janeson

We are a dental clinic management software system provider, we provide a wide range of dental clinic management software system services. We are a team of experienced and professional individuals who have been working in the field of IT for years. We are offering a complete range of dental clinic management software system services that include customizing, integrating, and deploying the software as per your requirements. Our team is committed to providing you with an excellent solution at affordable rates.


Our dental clinic software system services help people run their dental offices without any problem. We provide our clients with the most advanced and efficient solutions to ensure that they have a proper dental practice management system.


We have designed a comprehensive solution for the dental industry, which is effective and easy to use. Our software system has been designed in a way that it can be easily customized according to the needs of each client.


Features of our dental clinic management software system 


  • Multiple usages: The core feature of this software is its ability to manage multiple offices at once. This allows you to keep track of all your employees’ details from one central location. You can also create different profiles for each employee so that you know exactly who’s working where and when.
  • Protection of Data & Security: When it comes to online dental office management software, data security should come first. Since we want to provide your data security, we always include essential features like automatic security protection for your dental software. Before moving on with the implementation process, we ensure the security of your electronic health data by being familiar with common security issues. The latest security software should be installed, your important data should be encrypted, and our developers always give you advanced options to safeguard your system.
  • Cloud-based Functionality: The cloud makes it simple to connect to a distant server where data is constantly accessible from any location and on any device. Building cloud dentistry practice management software ensures a big result. 
  • Prescriptions and patient reports writer
  • Online reminders for appointments and lab results
  • A comprehensive tool for patient communication
  • Plans for monthly payments and a report author
  • Images of patients and digital records
  • Workflow management and real-time chat


Get in contact with us right away if you need dental practice management software development and want your company to operate more efficiently and quickly.