Everything You Need to Know About Elopements, Micro Weddings, Minimony, and Intimate Weddings in Kenya

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate your wedding, all that is important on that special day is that your wedding should represent both of you, together as a couple. Celebrating the love you two share and getting married, while surrounded by your friends and family. Just focus on what is truly important and have fun since it is indeed your special day. However, there are different types of marriages and I will explain some of them later below. Remember, every wedding is unique and beautiful in its own way. These are some of the types of marriages you can find;

  • Elopements

Elopement can be explained as a process of a couple running off secretly from family and friends with an intention of marrying and staying together. 


Characteristics of Elopement Wedding

  • Elopement weddings usually have less than 10 guests or no guests at all.
  • The ceremony is very flexible because it can just happen anywhere
  • There is no reception 
  • No cutting of cakes  and no food served
  • There is no music and dances


Why Do Couple Elope

  1. As a way of trying to save money for their future life together
  2. The need for something meaningful and yet intimate
  3. The desire to explore and experience somewhere new
  4. The couple just want to focus on themselves
  5. When the whole wedding thing become too stressful to bear
  6. As a way to escape and avoid the wedding drama
  7. Where the big wedding is not your thing


Disadvantages of Eloping

  1. You might miss out on some trends and traditions
  2.  The fear that family and friends might judge you
  3. It might cause a lot of dramas in your families
  4. You get to miss if your family and friends were there
  5. Be sure to get fewer guests and few gifts


  1. Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is a type of wedding ceremony that comprises less than 50 guests and follows the traditions of weddings.

Characteristics of a Micro Wedding

  • Has a wedding venue set up and prepared
  • All traditions of a wedding ceremony take place
  • Has got less than 50 attendance
  • There is the presence of a photographer
  • The decor is set up
  • Cake
  • Songs and dances


Tips for a Successful Micro Wedding

  1. Make it memorable and meaningful; Take that opportunity to share words of promises to one another
  2. Have your wedding in detail and enjoy each moment. In a micro wedding, you have plenty of time with your family and friends, so feel special and take more beautiful photos!
  3. Concerning reception setup, choose a venue enough to hold your family and friends
  4. Let your guests be entertained to remember the day forever. Make your reception fun and enjoy the happiness.


Benefits of  Intimate Wedding

  • You have a personalized experience
  • More meaningful moments that are simple, plain, and memorable
  • It is economical as it can save you money to be utilized in other things
  • Keeping micro weddings intentional and small helps to save you money and time to prepare
  • Reduced stress of planning the micro wedding. Opt your wedding to include personalized experiences for your guests. Some of the lovely ideas are to include a live band that will entertain your guests, a complete catering experience to entertain your guests.


  1. Minimony Wedding

A minimony wedding is a more intimate and smaller wedding that is celebrated on a planned wedding day. These kinds of weddings are often taking place due to circumstances beyond our control such as covid-19 pandemic. Celebrating a minimony is a great way to enjoy your wedding planned date legally.

Reasons to Have a Minimony Wedding

A minimony wedding ceremony is a great way to celebrate your wedding when you can’t have a grand wedding on your actual date.  Below are some of the reasons why a minimony is such a great idea. 

  • When due to unavoidable circumstances, we can’t hold our wedding as planned and we don’t want to postpone it, hence a minimony wedding gives us a smiley face. With minimony weddings you can have a small type of wedding, with only a few guests, then celebrate on a bigger scale at a later date.
  • It can be a great step for you if you like an intimate atmosphere who only wants to get married in front of close family and friends.
  • Another reason to have a minimony wedding is when you want to try something different such as having a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy yourself in a unique way.


Tips for planning a Successful minimony wedding ceremony

  1. Prepare a guest list of around 15 guests having your close family and friends at the top of the list.
  2. Keep it meaningful but simple. Avoid pressuring yourself by trying to create a huge event but instead prepare small but unique enets for you and your guests. Only work with what you have.
  3. Choose a good Officiant; A minimony is a legal abiding ceremony and hence you have to choose a legal wedding officiant.


  1. Intimate Wedding

Is a type of wedding that comprises very close family and friends as guests. Nowadays, it has become the trend and the reasons for this being the following;

  • Choose something comfortable and intimate that will encourage a close relationship with your guests.
  • Personalized details that are cheaper by reducing the guest list.
  • Choose a perfect wedding destination that will amaze you as a couple and your guests too.
  • Remember, an intimate wedding is just something meant for you, something that makes you happy and enjoy your big day.


While having any kind of weddings above, the success of each wedding can be enhanced by working with professional and experienced wedding planners from reputable companies such as Janeson Wedding Planners to help you have your dream wedding. We know weddings are special days and the couples, family, and friends have every right to celebrate together. We only focus on what is truly important and let you have fun since it is indeed your special day.

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