Family Portraits & Family Photographers in Nairobi, Kenya

The best way to keep a family’s memories is through photography. Through the photos taken, you document your moments you share at a specific time. Moments fade way too fast and you have to keep them alive in decades to come through photographs. You can never compare any other photographs that are more natural than those found in documentary family photography. This involves nothing less than capturing the family in all its high, lows, tears, and smiles. Every family has a unique and colourful story and these stories are best communicated through photographs.

To hold on to those best memories, they need to be captured by professional photographers. Great photographers you can get around Nairobi includes Janeson Photography who have pioneered in providing photography services to many across the city. Most family portraits are group photos comprising members of your close family. This kind of shot is like a record that highlights the relationship of people in it. It also highlights the personality of a family.

Family photography is an enjoyable experience for each family member but other time disruptions set in. The concept of family photography is very broad, the family can include single parents, family with many children, or family with no children.  


To make your family photography work easier here are some tips;

  • If you have kids do not force them to pose if they aren’t willing to, let them appear as natural as possible. If it is an outdoor family photograph with kids try holding onto your child’s hands and the family just walks naturally. This will enable your photographer to capture your real-time moments of genuine family love.
  • For toddlers, let the child walk ahead of you as if they are leading you, this kind of pose is great for toddlers in the first months after they start walking. You would love to capture those moments because this period passes fast.
  • For a of group family photos with several people, play around sometimes or perform a fun trick for the toddlers. This is one of the unique family photography poses.
  • Leaning on the wall is a great option for family poses. People find it to be something so natural.
  • Another tip for family photos is to sit down, this creates comfort among the subjects and gets easier with the camera. Gets closely seated together to portray a sense of connection and bond. 
  • Pick a good place to sit if in outdoor photography and especially the jungle, pay attention to safety, and cleanliness.
  • Instead of sitting next to each other, the family can sit one behind the other, like forming a train. This is a fun sitting position, making sure no one is blocking the other from view. From the shortest to the tallest works best with this kind of arrangement.
  • Another fun photo pose is the baby lift. You have to be extra careful with the baby, you don’t want the child to fall or get sick. This is one of the iconic poses every family wants to have at home.
  • Try to stand at your child’s height level by kneeling or crouching near your kid or kids. This will create a balance and give a sense of family closeness and unity.
  • A must-have photo of a family with kids is trying to capture moments when kissing them. Sometimes this is a trick to get the kids to smile.

The above tips show you can get a variety of photos from your photographer if you can just walk around, play, kiss, and pose. This will give you plenty of chances to capture beautiful phones and genuine moments. Hence, flexibility is important to family photography. Do you want stunning photos with your family? Well, contact us today at +254714444045 and have photos worth looking at.


Qualities of a Great Family Photographer

Any photographer can take photos, but only a great one produces what their clients need. Janeson Recordings have got what you need in a family photographer, our photographer is instilled with qualities you shall come across below. We know exactly what you are looking for and that’s why we are ready for you. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities that define a great family photographer.

  • Patience; A good family photographer needs to possess patience especially when working with kids. Kids are slow about everything and they need to move at their pace. The photographer has to stay positive and create no room to get frustrated. Photographers have to take time, keep a positive rapport with the subjects.
  • Comfortable with kids; A good family photographer should be able to get along well with kids. They may even show certain creative energy only kids seem to have to that they can get along very well. They should be able to identify and appreciate the relationships between siblings and able to capture those moments into images.
  • Ready with Equipment; This a quality great family photographer should have and especially when conducting outdoor services. He has to find stylistically relevant ways to shoot and is also ready for a diverse set of challenges.
  • Let’s Family Take Charge; A good family photographer recognizes that the family has the authority over what photos they want and he is there to give guidance. He develops a rapport with the whole family.
  • Understanding; Every family has its unique and distinct culture, dress code, eating habits, etc. You need a photographer who understands and appreciates your family’s ways of life and styles.
  • Skilled; Your family photographer should have a good relationship with his camera to create and modify human pose and photos in a way that matches the current trends. Your family deserves the best, so reach out to us and make a difference.
  • Creativity; A great family photographer will know how to design a style to depict your family’s unique characteristics. He will also give suggestions that work with your styles.
  • Observant. A good photographer is ready to make a few corrections when they notice something is not okay. For example, if the pose is awkward, clothes are worn wrongly, etc.

At the end of the day, you should work with the photographer you feel comfortable with. Janeson Photography is proud to offer family portraits and photos that stand the test of time, trends and preserve memories that matter the most to you.