Free Voice Over Bootcamps & Mentorships in Nairobi, Kenya 

Hey! Are you a voice actor who has personally or professionally caught in thought on how to become great, or just struggling to achieve your outcomes? Do you want a better time to explore your voice over career option and move your life in a new direction, your direction? Or d you want the opportunity to experience the voice-over world on your terms, when, where, and how? Well, you’re not all alone, because Janeson Voice Over Agency is just a click away to help you take action today. Janeson Voice Over Company is a well-known audio production and training company. We have been the trusted leader in voice over services and training for thousands of beginning and emerging voice over artists nationwide.


The world of voice acting is exciting, best, fun, and can be done anywhere in the world.  To know more about the secrets to a successful voice over career, contact us today and join our bootcamp and mentorship programs in Nairobi. Just remember, with uncertainty comes endless opportunities for growth and transition. If you’re not sure what’s holding you back, let’s work together to create positive change and help you discover your true potential.


Who is Eligible to Join Voice Over Bootcamp and Mentorship Program

To enroll for our bootcamp and mentorship programs serves as a life-changing experience to discover great opportunities in the voice industry. So, join us if;

  1. You’re looking for an enjoyable and interesting money hobby to do now or in retirement.
  2. You’ve been giving a thought about doing voice overs for a long time but you’re feeling overwhelmed and haven’t been able to get started.
  3. In the past, you performed some voice overs, acting, TV, or radio and then you disposed of your dreams on the shelf because you had to focus on another career and caring for your family. Now it’s an opportune time for you to shine again with our voice over bootcamp and mentorship programs.
  4. You have been having mixed-up thoughts about how to make your voice over career great or you have absolutely no idea how to find voice over clients, which voice recording tools to use, or even how to get started.
  5. You need comprehensive training so you can get a focus on starting and succeeding in voice over.
  6. You want to have a breather, learn something new, or simply you are looking for a way to have fun and do something that motivates your passion.
  7. You want a reliable firm or someone you can trust in helping you to implement and achieve more with your voice.
  8. You are feeling puzzled, confused, skeptical, and unsure about important things such as your best voice over niche to focus on.


Joining and participating in our free voice over bootcamps and mentorships programs will be more advantageous as compared to artists who feel frustrated because they don’t have a workable marketing plan and waste their precious time trying to polish their voice just a little bit better than everybody else. You’ll start your voice over career step-by-step with our coaching and our easy-to-follow guidelines. Right from the start, you’ll be able to benefit from the following;

  • Identify and associate with your perfect voice over niche and market(s), enabling you to start attracting a targeted group of clients who are a perfect match for your voice and talents.
  • You’ll confidently sell and market your voice over services, and open new opportunities even when you have never sold your voice before in your life. The only thing you need to have is confidence and self-assurance to keep you going.
  • You’ll have a great group of satisfied voice over customers who love your work, stick with you, and keep coming back for more
  • You’ll be able to know and master the home studio recording skills
  • You’ll enjoy performing voice overs with ease and lots of confidence
  • You shall have the capability to record your voice like a well-tuned instrument
  • You’ll be able to stay confident and centered in every of your recording session
  • Through our mentorship programs, you will be able to give your voice buyers exactly what they want as you learn to take direction like a professional.
  • You will enjoy the privilege to master some unique performance techniques for broadcast commercials and non-broadcast voice overs such as corporate narrations and e-learning.
  • You shall know exactly what to say to voice over buyers and prospects and not get confused about where to start anymore.
  • You’ll know exactly what to do while creating your price sheet so you can get enough profit without scaring your clients away.
  • We also offer training on how to write a personalized voice over demo submission letter that opens doors for you.


When you enroll in Janeson bootcamp and mentorship program you will automatically be able to discover and learn the basics of recording and editing voice overs through the following;

  • Prepare and get your home recording space ready
  • Set up and organize your home recording equipment for your voice over productions services
  • Choose and decide the best microphone for your voice
  • Select and pick the less expensive or free recording software for your PC or Mac
  • Edit to remove breaths from your recordings and other recording errors to ensure you produce high-quality results
  • with our coaches, master voice talent, and producer, we will train you about adaptive strategies and tactics for growing your voice-over business.

Make a decision today as a voice actor who wants to do a deep-dive immersion into the performance and marketing aspects of voice-overs. In the modern world, the internet has opened up markets in digital advertising and training. From a marketing perspective, your timing to join the voice-over market has never been better as nowadays the audiobooks markets are exploding. You will be unique and above your competitors through our mentorship programs and bootcamps as we provide you with step-by-step strategies for finding great clients. Join us today! Looking forward to having you as our next success story.