Fundamentals of Architecture Design Training Course in Nairobi, Kenya


Architectural design is the course of study that combines technology and aesthetics to meet the needs and demands for creating living spaces using creativity and other tools. 


Drafting and Design with FreeCAD

  • Getting the free and open source parametric modeler
  • Creating construction lines in FreeCAD
  • Creating walls and window lines in FreeCAD
  • Creating doorway lines in FreeCAD
  • Creating line styles in FreeCAD
  • Creating stairs lines in FreeCAD
  • The ODA file converter available for FreeCAD
  • Adding CAD Blocks to the layouts in FreeCAD
  • Adding Dimensions to the layouts in FreeCAD
  • Adding text to the layouts in FreeCAD
  • Creating layouts in FreeCAD
  • Exporting the DXF file created from FreeCAD


AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals


Project management


  1. AutoCAD Civil 3D Projects
  • Single-Design Drawing Projects
  • Multiple Drawings Sharing Data using Shortcuts
  • Multiple Drawings Sharing Data with Autodesk Vault
  1. Sharing Data
  • Civil 3D design objects
  • Base drawing, Line work and Geometrics & Engineering plan
  • Production sheets
  1. Using Data Shortcuts for Project Management
  • Update Notification
  • Removing and Promoting Shortcuts
  • eTransmit Data References
  • Data Shortcut Workflow
  • Workflow Details
  • Advantages of Data Shortcuts
  • Limitations of Data Shortcuts


Starting a Project

  1. Set the working folder
  2. Create new shortcut folders
  3. Set up shortcuts folders


Manage File Sizes with Data Shortcuts

  1. Create data shortcuts
  2. Data references and data shortcuts 
  3. Revise original referenced object


Share Projects with Team Members Outside the Office Network


ARCHICAD Course Outline


  1. The ARCHICAD BIM Concept
  2. Conceptual Design in ARCHICAD
  3. Intermediate ARCHICAD
  4. Advanced ARCHICAD


Conceptual Design in ARCHICAD 

  1. Starting ARCHICAD 
  2. Creating Site Geometry 
  3. Creating a Base Geometry
  4. Copying an Existing Edge 
  5. Offsetting Faces of the Morph 
  6. Creating Another Morph
  7. Splitting the Morph 
  8. Additional Site Geometry 
  9. Cleaning Up Intersecting Geometries
  10. Creating a Morph in Sections/Elevations 
  11. Modifying All Edges Simultaneously
  12. Placing Objects in the Surroundings
  13. Applying Surfaces 
  14. Visualizations 
  15. Learn More About the Morph Tool


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Caroline Wanjiku
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