How Much Does It Cost to Start a Photography Studio in Kenya

Are you having a strong interest in starting a photography studio? Setting up a photography

a studio of your own frees you from incurring the extra cost of renting a professional studio as well as lets you stand out from the competition. In this article, we will talk about everything that you need to know to build your first photography studio. You could be wondering how much it costs to set up that photography business. Well, one thing to remember is that a photography studio should be set up to correspond to whatever kind of photos you want to produce. The very initial step to understanding a photography business is to have intensive research about it. Getting your ideas, thoughts, and goals on paper will help you stay informed and stay on track. A well-established photography business plan will highlight what your business will be, an estimated cost, and how you’ll earn money with it. In this article, I will show you how much it will cost you to start a photography studio. 


Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Photography Studio

Starting your own photography studio is important when you think about investing in a photography business. Your business should define your brand personality. Moreover, establishing your own photography studio gives you total control of your photography work process. However, for a successful photography studio setup, you have to consider the following factors;

  • Location of Your Photography Studio: Making a decision on where to establish a studio can highly depend on the availability of your clients. Acquire a friendly area and easy access. Also, it is advisable to undertake an estimate of the income you can earn with a professional studio. Find about the other rates charged by other photographers in your field and use the information to estimate the value a studio would bring to your work.
  • Interior Designs of the Studio: Once you have identified the location of your photo studio, it’s important to assess the physical space that you have and you should go ahead on estimating the cost of renovations and repairing space would require. It is crucial to measure the space and the genre of your photo studio prior to purchasing the equipment because different sizes of space are used for different types of photo studios. Photo studio equipment such as furniture, toys, cameras, computers, a work desk, and a backdrop screen, will require a certain type of space.
  • Lighting Equipment: Every studio is complete when fitted with good lighting and an assortment of different types of backgrounds, giving you versatility in the type of images that you can produce. Having the right lighting facilities is very vital as it paints a good brand message as well as shows professionalism. The source and the position of light create light to emphasize and enhance the subject’s features. In addition, the color of the walls in the studio should support the type of photography effects you most prefer for your camera. If you want greater light reflection, soft colours like white can be a perfect choice when you want to beat off the shadows. 


When it comes to establishing a professional photography studio, whether you’re just starting and inexperienced in the field or you’re an experienced photographer trying to adopt the newest addition to your studio equipment, utilize the best tips and equipment to complete your photography studio that will guarantee you to always get the perfect shot. The key is to find the right support to create the targeted effect that you’re after and that matches your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Starting a photography studio is a great way to earn a side income or as a main income. While using professional photography equipment is expensive, many photographers have been able to find their niche and have built a sustainable career. Buying photography equipment from big brand names, can result in spending more than when you go for equipment from a lesser-known brand. In addition, if you are buying new equipment, the price can be different from the one who is buying fairly used equipment.


Necessary Things You Need to Set Up a Photography Studio and Their Estimated Costs

If you are looking forward to setting up a photography studio, the cost of very important equipment can be estimated as follows;

  1. Photography business registration – Ksh 5000
  2. Leasing space for your photo studio – Ksh 15,000
  3. Cameras – Ksh 100,000
  4. Lens – Ksh 60,000
  5. Stands – Ksh 7000
  6. Clamps – Ksh 5000
  7. Tripods and supports – Ksh 10,000
  8. Lighting gears and Backdrops -Ksh 30,000
  9. Permits, insurance, and licenses – Ksh 5000
  10. Computer system with enough memory to edit and manage photos – Ksh 25,000
  11. Quality and unique camera bags and straps – Ksh 3000
  12. Screen calibrator to ensure your photographs have got color accuracy – Ksh 10,000
  13. Photoshop software to edit photos before printing them for your clients -Ksh 5000


Other things you shall need to do include the following;

  • A unique way to manage client emails and contact information 
  • Develop your business name and logo
  • Identify and utilize the best business structure
  • Market and campaign your business via social media
  • Professional photography business website
  • A backup plan – It can be hard to predict your equipment failure, so it’s advisable that you have a backup for your main equipment such as your photo studio camera, light bulbs, batteries,e.t.c.
  • An insurance cover for your photo studio is very vital to ensure that you are covered against losing your photography studio equipment due to unavoidable incidents like fires, floods, or theft. In case of losses, you will be compensated.


That’s it for our brief guide to photography studio setup – hopefully, it has been helpful in guiding you through your studio setup. When it comes to more information about studio setup or photography equipment, contact us today! Just remember, Janeson  also offers photography equipment, informative, and convenient training on how to set up your photo studio and so much more.