How to Live Stream a Wedding Event in Kenya

Live Streaming a wedding – means recording and transferring the wedding live event to viewers in real-time. It’s a good way to engage and update those guests who could not make it to attend in person. Are you looking for professional and reliable Live Streaming Companies in Kenya? Or have you experienced a bad signal during your wedding live stream? No videographer? Worry not because it is your special day and you have every right to enjoy it! If your relatives or your best friends couldn’t make it to attend your wedding, live streaming is the best solution so they can follow the live event everywhere they are. No one should miss out on the celebrations and excitement at the wedding venue even though they are far away. Janeson has got you covered, to expand your audience without limit by streaming your wedding through multiple platforms. 


Advantages of Live Streaming Your Wedding Event

How does live streaming your wedding event help you? Why do you need to opt for a wedding live stream? Well, here are the benefits you get from live streaming your wedding;

  1. Create an Audience Authentic Engagement; Live streaming encourages and improves the rate of commenting, liking, and sharing live-streamed videos in comparison to recorded videos. This is because you can interact with your audience in real-time which encourage them to keep the interaction going on during the wedding event
  2. Instant Audience Feedback; During a wedding live stream, the viewership and the engagement can give you an instant feel for how your audience is responding to the event and you can be able to engage as well as understand the audience very well.
  3. Cheaper and Easy: Live streaming a wedding is easier and cheaper since there is no extra cost of post-production services as there is in recorded videos. It only needs to master the basics and expectations of live streaming to produce perfect content.
  4. Strengthen Relationships: When a family member or friend is sick and can’t travel to the venue, tied up, or simply can’t afford to attend, live streaming keeps them posted wherever they are and they become part of your wedding at a far distance.
  5. Social Media Engagement: Live streaming your wedding is important especially when you want to share those special moments with your social media followers in real-time.


Step Guide to Live Streaming a Wedding Event

Before we go into steps on how to live stream a wedding, let’s first of all, learn about the basic equipment used during live streaming. The best equipment position is set by considering the best point of view, who you have to assist with the recording process, how many guests you expect in-person, and the nature of your ceremony setting. At Janeson, we help you decide what pieces of live stream wedding equipment are important to produce a super and flawless virtual wedding. The most basic and must-have equipment include the following;

  •  A camera is an important piece of equipment used; It can be a phone camera, a webcam, or other types of cameras. 
  • Microphone; It can include either an external microphone, phone microphone, and an internal computer microphone to pick up on all of the audio.
  • Lights; Good lighting is the key. Live streams can be frustrating when the audience can’t view clearly what is happening. Therefore, enough lighting is very vital for a perfect live-stream.

The following steps will teach you what you need to know about live streaming a wedding to allow you to celebrate with your family and friends regardless of where they are.


  1. Choose a Platform: Choose a platform where you’re going to host your wedding live stream from. There are multiple platforms to include and choose. These include; 
  •  Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  •  LinkedIn Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Periscope (by Twitter)
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch

However, sometimes you might need to use multiple platforms for your audience reach. This decision should be guided by where your audience and followers most frequently are and what your expectations and goals are. 

  1. Have Your Equipment Ready: It is important to decide the type of equipment that you will require beforehand. Will you use your PC’s webcam? Is it an external webcam? Are you going to use your mobile phone’s camera? Also, consider the sound and lighting equipment? Will you need to purchase extra lighting? It can be frustrating to find out your lighting is inadequate during the live stream.
  2. Check Your Internet Connection: Internet connection is crucial in live streaming a wedding event. Therefore, before starting to live stream a wedding, always check the venue’s internet connectivity. Walkthrough the wedding venue to check if there is a quality cellular service to ensure you have a reliable connection.
  3. Testing: Once you have your equipment and internet connection set up, it’s time to test by streaming temporarily to check what your virtual wedding could be lacking.
  4. Limit Noises: Be mindful of background noises. Switch off anything noisy, like fans or air conditioners, check for nearby devices which might cause interference like phones.
  5. Strategic Position: Strategically position your equipment set up in a position where it records the most important happening of the wedding for the audience to follow the proceeding. The perfect location to set equipment is lowering the tripod to a low enough                                                                                level to the side in the front aisle, to avoid blocking the view of sitting guests. Ensure to set the tripod where your virtual guests have a clear view that matches what all your other guests can see.
  6. Stream: Having done the above procedure, you’re all set and you’re good to go. It always becomes simpler when you work with professionals. 


Create and send your guests a private link to have instant access to your live wedding wherever they are. Select who views your wedding ceremony live stream by providing them with a private link that is responsive to any device. If you want fancier, unique, and professional wedding live streaming services in Kenya, contact us today!