Machine Learning

Do you want your computer system to make accurate predictions when fed data? Or give that website and application the ability to learn, adapt and improve over time? Look no further because JanesonX Company will help you to get what you need through our machine learning services. Our machine learning solve your problem by processing huge amounts of data, identifying trends and patterns within it – most of which would not be apparent to a human being and then making decisions and taking actions to help you meet particular objectives.

In a case scenario on how machine learning work, is the computer making predictions to answer whether a piece of fruit in a photo is an orange or a lemon, identifying people reading a book, if the email is spam, or identifying speech correctly enough to produce a caption for a YouTube video.

What Machine Learning is Used For

  • Machine learning systems are cornerstone of the modern internet used to recommend which product you might for example want to buy next on Amazon or video you want to watch on Netflix.
  • Google searches uses machine learning systems to understand the language in your query passed to a database.
  • Visual assistants such as Microsoft Cortana, Apples’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa relies on machine learning to support their voice recognition and the ability to understand natural language.


Why You Need Our Machine Learning Services

  • Our machine services deliver advanced algorithms with intentions of helping you solve key business challenges, enhancing data-driven decision making and creating innovative business models.
  • At JanesonX, we create future-ready Machine Learning (ML) – powered applications by using techniques like computation intelligence, mathematical optimization, nature-inspired algorithms and pattern recognition.
  • We help you examine the possibilities of machine learning for your business success and then create solutions to enable your business to take its fullest advantage.
  • Our team of experts are also ready to offer machine learning services for malformation detection, spam filtering, future forecasting and much more.
  • We provide scalable and pioneering solution to gain actionable insights from existing data, processes, customers and markets, providing valuable business results.
  • In image analytics, our image recognition services enables the user to detect an image or predict an image.
  • With the right set of software, drivers, memory, storage and network resources, we provide you with efficient deep learning solutions.
  • With a fully packed video intelligence services, we help users identify and tag different entities.
  • We provide Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions which include text analysis, language detection, key phrase extraction, document categorization, content classification and more.
  • Advance your business with our wide range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. We regularly make these AI models smarter through tweaking, learning and adding more data.

Sectors Where Machine Learning is Applied

  • Insurance companies to calculate risks accurately
  • Hedge funds use machine learning to forecast stock prices
  • Banks and other financial institutions use ML to detect suspicious transactions
  • Medical institutions also use machine learning to diagnose medical conditions based on sets of symptoms.
  • E-commerce and marketing leverage ML algorithms for their recommendation engines to serve their users better.

Approach We Use to Deliver Innovative Machine Learning Solutions

To help businesses improve their bottom line, we follow a unique process to develop machine learning models;

  1. Comprehending data. We collect data from right sources and analyze it to have a better understanding of your business problem.
  2. Data preparation. We purify and transform data to improve its quality and ensure that it can be easily processed.
  3. Model creating. We build and train models, test their efficiency until the desired accuracy is achieved.
  4. Evaluation and deployment. Once you’re satisfied with the evaluation, we proceed with model implementation. 

Machine learning projects are usually high-risk projects, as they depend on complex data. That’s why top machine learning companies like JanesonX offer proper studies before engaging into the project to ensure risk reduction.

Areas Where Machine Learning is Used

  • Chatbots. Chatbots can use a combination of pattern recognition, natural language processing, to interpret input text and provide suitable responses.
  • Fraud Detection. Machine learning regression and classification models have replaced rules-based fraud detection systems at detecting criminal use of stolen or compromised financial data.
  • Cybersecurity. Machine learning draw out intelligence from incident reports, blog posts, to identify potential threats, advise security analysts and hasten response.
  • Contextual Online Advertising. Machine learning can evaluate the content of a web page, the topic, author’s opinion or attitude and serve-up advertisements tailored to the visitor’s interests.
  • Self-driving cars. They require a machine learning tour de force and they must continuously identify objects in the environment around the car and guide the car around the objects as well as toward the driver’s destination.
  • Medical image analysis. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), and other deep learning models have provided success at extracting features and information from medical images to help support accurate diagnosis. 
  • Recommendation engine. This helps to power Facebook’s news feeds.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM software uses machine learning models to analyze emails, and trigger sales team members to respond to the most important messages first.
  • Business Intelligence. Use machine learning in their software to identify potentially important data points and their patterns.
  • Human resources information systems. They use machine learning models to filter through applications and identify the best candidates for an open job position.
  • Labelling data. Algorithms trained on small data sets can learn to apply data labels to larger set automatically.


Machine Learning Platforms We Use

  1. Amazon Machine Learning. This platform enables our experts to effectively build and deploy machine learning models for your organization through the use of already-built models on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  2. Google Machine Learning. Our machine leaning experts leverage the potential of Google Machine Learning which enable them create machine models for industries of all kinds.


However, with training and running machine-learning models, there are some software frameworks for getting started, typically for the programming languages like python, C++, MATLAB and Java.