Looking for a team that can bring your app idea to a reality? From design, development to launch, the Janeson team comes in handy to offer cutting edge mobile apps solutions. With a team of experienced mobile apps  developers in both android and iOS technologies, our solutions serves startup ideas, SME’s as well as large corporations.


 Android Mobile App Development Services in Nairobi, Kenya


Mobile app development is when a mobile app is technologically advanced for mobile phones, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants which will make work more easy and access of documents fast.

The mobile development apps can be installed on phones during the manufacturing of the device, or delivered as web solicitations using server-side processing like, JavaScript to provide an application like experience within a Web browser.

The software developers must also consider a long array of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations for the device being developed so that it can match perfectly and not cause in problems.

IPhone (IOS) Mobile App Development Services


People who own Apple iPhones is growing fast year over year. You certainly want to offer your exceptional solution to this huge user base right!

We improve iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages and Apple’s own development tools and recommendations.


Android Mobile App Development Services


We also do Android mobile application advancement from scratch and can port your existing iOS application to Android.

We use Java and Kotlin to build in apps for Google’s world leading operating system.


Android Mobile App Development Services Using React Native

Having an attractive mobile application is important as a good number of people spend time on their phones.

Choosing a react native developer for your application will not only save you time and money but it will also allow you to use the same code with IOS and android development without having to change anything. This development framework is used successfully by big companies like pinterest,Instagram,skype and Facebook.

There are many reasons why companies choose reactive native but am just going to sample a few.

  • Use of same code; this allows you to develop iOS and android applications this also removes the need to have different languages like java, swift c++.
  • Pocket friendly; this is particularly important with a new business as when you are starting a new business money is a factor and that is why if you are just starting, this will be the way to go.
  • Simple; this framework allows you to perform hard tasks using simple codes and gives quick responses.
  • Easy to transform a webpage to mobile application; this is because the codes are interfaced so clearly such that you don’t need another developer to access the application it is supper easy.
  • Uses less memory; this is because it allows usage of 3rd party plugins and also the native tools ensures smooth running.
  • It’s here to stay: With Facebook making sure that this framework is fully utilized, There is no need to learn languages to create hard code as this issue has been handled by React native by the use of easy codes. 
  • Flexible; React native is very flexible as it uses one code for android and iOS, again all the big companies are using this framework due to its efficiency and quick response nature. Sometimes many projects are left unfinished by developers due to a number of reasons. This is not a cause for alarm for React Native as it comes with its own manual that is very easy to understand.

If you are seeking to develop an application that will be multi-dimensional, then react native is the framework to use. React native is user friendly and sorts you out on matters regarding space.    


Mobile app developers are becoming more and more popular in Kenya. The mobile application development industry is booming, and many companies offer mobile app development services in Kenya.

This article will discuss what a mobile app developer does and why you should hire one to develop your mobile app. We will also discuss the different types of mobile apps that can be developed and what makes them different from each other.
If you want to know more about mobile application development services in Kenya, keep reading this article.
Many companies use mobile application development services in Kenya to make their applications more accessible and engaging to their target audience. Mobile applications allow entrepreneurs to reach more customers with their products and services.
Mobile application development services are used to develop mobile applications for different purposes. The process of mobile application development is a long and complicated one. It requires a lot of time and effort to produce quality applications. The process begins with an idea for the app, followed by determining its requirements and specifications and then developing it using various tools from scratch or existing code bases.
The Kenya mobile market has grown significantly over the last few years, with more people adopting smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet. This has led to increased demand for mobile apps among users who want their phones to perform more than just making calls or sending text messages.


Mobile applications are a growing field of technology and one that is expanding rapidly. As more people use mobile devices, the demand for applications will also grow. Companies that offer mobile application development services are a great way to capitalize on this growing industry.
Mobile applications allow users to access information on their phones or tablets anywhere in the world. Companies can offer their customers information about their products or services anytime, without needing to be near a computer.
Mobile apps can also track inventory in real-time, an essential feature for businesses that sell products online or through retail outlets. For instance, if you have an online store selling clothing items, you may want your customers to see what sizes are currently available in stock before placing their order. You could use a mobile application for this purpose by allowing them to check out their options before placing an order online, so they know what sizes are available before selecting one from your inventory list!
One of the most significant benefits of using mobile apps is that they can increase customer satisfaction because they provide access directly through any device with Internet access (such as phones).

Developing mobile applications can be expensive if you are doing it alone without any help from experts who have years of experience working on different kinds of projects like yours before they started offering such services online; however, there are many companies out there who specialize in providing all types of solutions related to app development such as designing graphics and sounds etc., so all you have left is hiring them!
The development of mobile applications is a complicated process that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Many entrepreneurs have turned to mobile application development companies for help with this process.

The mobile application development industry in Kenya is growing at a rapid rate. It’s estimated that the number of mobile applications available in Kenya will double by 2022.
While this is excellent news for the development community, it also means that there will be an increased demand for skilled developers to help create these apps.
Fortunately, many organizations are now offering mobile app development courses in Kenya, which can help you start your career as a developer.
The first step to becoming a mobile app developer is to decide what type of app you want to develop. If you’re starting, you may want to look into developing games or social networking apps since they require less programming experience than other types of applications.
The first step in creating a mobile application is deciding what kind of app you want to build. Suppose you’re looking to develop an app for iOS or Android. In that case, you’ll want to follow Apple’s or Google’s guidelines for development so that your application can be submitted to their respective app stores. Your next step is deciding how much money you want (or are willing) to spend on development. This will determine how much time it takes and how many resources are required.

When choosing which platform(s) to develop for, there are several factors: cost vs benefit; target audience; timeline; skillset; etc. For example: if your target audience is primarily older people who enjoy playing games on their phones (but not necessarily playing games on tablets), then developing for iOS makes sense because that platform has more fun.
Once you’ve decided what type of app you want to develop, then you’ll need to find an organization that offers training programs for new developers so that they can learn how to create those types of apps—and also learn how they work so that they can make sure they’re working properly!

Janeson – Expert Yet Affordable Android Mobile App Developers


Janeson is up to date with both IPhone (IOS), & Android Mobile App and with our professionals.

We build cross-platform apps that run on  Android from a single code data base.

We provide  Android mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices efficiently.

Our services are affordable and pocket friendly but professionally done, contact us today for more information about our services.