Mobile Apps Development Services Africa

All businesses now have a greater need and demand for mobile applications in order to stay ahead of their fierce competitors. Utilizing mobile applications enhances your company’s online exposure and uses a favorable digital platform to draw in the right clients at the right moment. JanesonX mobile app developers have your back. We are located in Kenya but we extend other branches in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Egypt. Our user experience experts and graphic planners at JanesonX work together to develop apps that are rich, beneficial and appealing to all different kinds of organizations. No matter if it involves building group applications, sites, or group configurations, we supplement your company with corresponding expertise and experience in a variety of advertising channels. In order to develop a mobile app that fit your requirements, we are guided by the following aspects;

  • Purpose of the App
  • Issues targeted to solve
  • Friendly to users
  • Impacts on users
  • Key features and layout of the app will have 


Features of a Good Mobile App

Finding ways to create a business mobile app that will stand out can be difficult. The success of a mobile app will, however, depend on certain qualities. To incorporate an app into the business model, the best app features should be carefully considered. The following essential elements of mobile app development might help you make a successful app for your company.


  1. Performance: An essential component of a good mobile app is its speed of operation. Users of mobile apps frequently multitask. Therefore, users will stop using a mobile app if it takes too long to launch and turn to another activity.
  2. Ease of use: The mobile app needs to be simple to use and easy to obtain. The level of simplicity in a mobile app affects how long users will stay on it.
  3. Social Integration: An excellent mobile application should make the registration process simpler by obtaining data from the channel, allowing for the sharing of postings about various events, and encouraging user engagement.
  4. Push Notifications: These are helpful for alerting users to new features, delivering offers, and other forms of communication.
  5. Security: This feature needs to be used to safeguard the privacy of user data.
  6. Support Multiple Platforms: It is crucial to create your mobile app for well-known platforms like Android and iOS.
  7. Upgrades and support: To stay current and useful, mobile apps require constant software development and support.


Why Choose JanesonX

  • Our specialists handle the full process of developing a mobile app, including business analysis, UX/UI design, and development from conception to launch. They also integrate the new product into your infrastructure and offer additional optimization and scale-up as needed.


  • We create mobile applications for many platforms utilizing cutting-edge technologies and tried-and-true methods at all times.
  • We ensure that your time and money are optimized at every stage of development using an agile method and a proactive attitude, and you receive a digital product that completely satisfies your needs and is even beyond your expectations. When you work with a seasoned mobile app developer, your outcomes are predictable.
  • The mobile products we’ve developed for our partners and clients over the years have garnered numerous awards, increased sales, and opened up new revenue streams for our clients. That is why businesses, startups, creative studios, and technology firms depend on us to help them scale their internet presence for mobile app development. 
  • When you contact us for mobile app development services, we create the best solution based on your business objectives and spending limit.
  • To continuously improve the product, shorten the time to market, and meet the highest quality requirements, we adhere to agile best practices and utilize cutting-edge technology.
  • An appealing user interface is the best way to capture users’ attention. We build apps using the greatest UI/UX techniques to outperform your rivals.
  • With senior-level engineers and designers and a full tech stack, our mobile app development firm can bring any of your ideas to life.
  • When developing applications, it is crucial to leave room for improvement. You may develop products that are simple to scale and maintain with the assistance of our mobile app development firm.


Types of Mobile Apps we Develop

  • Cross-platform Application Development

For you to reach a wider audience, reduce risks, and increase the pace, we create cross-platform apps that work on both iOS and Android using a single code base. Deliver a uniform mobile experience across all devices while making the most of each ecosystem’s best features.

  • Application Design and Modernization

We produce excellent apps that have a beautiful design, user-friendly interface, and great usability. Additionally, our mobile developers may upgrade the UX/UI, add new features, and optimize performance and bandwidth for already-existing mobile apps. 

  • Android Apps Development

To unlock the full potential to distribute your product to the 2 billion Android consumers globally, we create Android apps utilizing Python, PHP, and Java.

  • iOS Application Development

Our iOS development team provides a wide range of services for many industries and gadgets, including the development of the iPhone, iPad, etc. With our company’s help, your business ideas can succeed.


What does it cost to create a mobile application?

The price of developing a mobile app depends on the app’s functional range and the technology used to accomplish it. A medium-complexity native app costs between 70,000 and 100,000 Kenya Shillings. By employing an agile methodology and tools that are cross-platform, JanesonX can reduce these expenditures.


How much time is required to create a mobile application?


Mobile app development might take anywhere between three and ten months, depending on the scale and tech stack. JanesonX prioritizes features, putting the most importance on the fundamental ones first, to shorten time-to-market. In just a few months, we release an MVP app and then iteratively improve it.


Get in touch with one of our representatives, describe your project in detail, and we’ll offer you evidence of our expertise on a project much like yours.