Do you wish to produce cutting edge music that remains evergreen for many years to come? Then look no further than RJ IDEAS where we provide music mentorship and consultation services that aim to equip you with skills and knowledge to handle and navigate the murky waters of the music industry in Kenya and beyond. Our music consultants boast of many years of experience helping many upcoming musicians, labels, bands, managers as well as entertainment investors to milk the cash cow – that is the Kenyan music industry – for their own prosperity.
Under our tutelage, you will learn how to promote your record label, if you have one. Upcoming musicians will benefit from our lessons, which enlighten them on techniques of selling their music within Nairobi as well as countrywide. In trying to get your music mainstream, our music mentors are cognisant of the fact that artists will likely encounter various gatekeepers as well as decision makers including DJs, radio and TV stations hence our lessons also focus on teaching you on how to relate with such people effectively.
With the importance and significance lumped upon the social media in the modern era, RJ IDEAS holds dear the need for musicians to exploit these platforms to reach out to their target audience with their music. In this regard, we will mentor you on the techniques for netting a large number of audiences on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Not to be forgotten in providing these services is knowledge on how to secure live performances. We possess a wealth of knowledge on how to promote yourself as a brand in front of potential sponsors who might rope you in for live performances in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya – or even worldwide.
At RJ IDEAS, we are fiercely passionate about music hence we strive for perfection when providing our services in this regard. We believe that mentoring you to become a successful artist is a big shot in the arm for the local music industry as this will put Kenya on the global map. Our doors are open any time for you if you may wish to visit us for further enquiries. Pay us a visit today at E-Mall Building at Umoja Estate opposite the chief’s office.