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Real Estate Web Design


We offer the best, cheapest and affordable web design in Kenya services. Although we are based in Nairobi, Kenya our web design services are spread around the country and beyond.

All our websites in Kenya are built on a platform which will enable you to control and manage the content within your web site – without technical training and also add new content or edit existing pages on your website at any time.


The allows for faster and easier management of website content, hence cost effective and gives you full control.


The web design cost in Kenya has been high but with our web design packages in Kenya, we are the cheapest web design firm with best web developers and designers handling all web design projects and always customizing according to clients needs and requirements.


The goals vary according to the response and the desired exposures. Whereas, in the case of a commercial website, there are certain aspects that may be counted as following:


  • The content: Content is a vital aspect of the web site design. Every site has a characteristic of its own and the content of the web pages vary according to the basic character of the website. The websites through their contents try to attract its target audience.


  • The usability: If a site consists of user-friendly interface and navigations, then it is capable of attracting more number of audiences towards it and that makes it more popular.


  • The appearance: The overall look of the website should be such that it is easy on the eyes of the users and are attractive to the readers. The text and the graphics of a certain websites are similar and the type of the characters is uniform throughout the web pages. At the time of web site design, the designer must keep in mind that the style of the whole website is similar and has a professionally appealing and relevant layout.


  • The visibility: There are certain patterns of viewing that the readers are used to. Therefore, before designing a website, the designer must keep in mind that the web pages have an easy readability statistics and are easy to the eye for a comfortable viewing.


Contact Janeson Media for your real estate web design if you value you business.  We design you website with the above aspects in mind.