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SEO Copywriting in Kenya


You can have a killer website design and you can employ the latest technologies.  However, if your web page copy is not compelling enough, with the wrong traffic to your website, you will not be achieving any success.  It is important to have an appealing website and you need to convey your message diligently and convince your visitors to do business with you.


SEO copywriting is presenting or writing content that is compatible with search engines. SEO copywriting entails having your keywords in the appropriate spots and among the right tags on your web page. The keywords should be relevant and should be able to connect, inform and convince the search engine spiders, including the human readers.


Your web page text should be tactically used to deliver to the search engine that your web page contains information relevant to the focus keyword.


Remember that search engine robots do not consider “websites” but consider the “web pages” of those websites.

When it comes to SEO copywriting, people obviously want nothing less than the best. The better your SEO content, the higher you chances of making some serious money. SEO is something that no one wants to miss out now in today’s time. These are a few reasons why SEO is one of the most important aspect of website content writing, an why everyone needs to get into the process


A great marketing strategy is always the start of great business growth. SEO is an exceptional method of doing this, and will be able to promote your site. To levels much higher than before.

If you do not know too much about SEO, you’d best be hiring a professional to do the job right. Several freelance writers who can get the job done efficiently. The professionals will know how to search for the right keywords, and through SEO copywriting, they will be able to boost your website to much higher reaches.


So before you get left behind in the rat race, get involved in the whole process of SEO, and you will be delighted with the outcome.  If you require assistance, we are professionals in the field, do not hesitate to contact us.  For more information visit janeson.co.ke