Special Effects (FX)  Makeup Training Courses in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you passionate about making Special Effects Makeup your next career path? Are you looking forward to acquiring training and skills to become familiar with the field? Are you looking for a place where you can learn and be trained in SFX to acquire knowledge and training on how to make worldly looks through makeup? Professional training institutions can help you to acquire data SFX makeup skills from qualified trainers to help you get skills to bring characters to life through makeup. Well, the good news is that Janeson Training will help you to get what you need through our courses and training. We offer advanced skills in SFX Makeup courses and professional studies that will enable you to explore more advanced and specialized makeup techniques.


You have probably wondered how film characters get transformed into different creatures to fit a certain role. With the absorption of modern technology, the makeup industry is constantly growing and so is the absorption of new and advanced skills to make more productions.  Doing such a transformation requires Special FX Makeup skills. SFX that involves cosmetics to focus on body art, face painting, old age, character, and even creatures requires the artistic ability of special effects makeup.


Main Areas of Study in SFX Makeup Course

  • Film makeup
  • Tattoo makeup
  • Dynamic eye makeup
  • Fantasy makeup
  • Editorial makeup
  • Trend makeup
  • Advanced airbrush makeup
  • On-set hairstyling
  • Body painting
  • Character creation
  • Skin diseases
  • Casualty techniques.
  • Eye swelling & bruising.
  • Cuts and scars.
  • Impalements & puncture wounds.
  • Bald cap application.


Major Special Effects Makeup(SFX) Services

By the end of the SFX Makeup course, you shall be confident enough to provide various services as highlighted below;

  • Sculpting and molding of characters
  • Blood and wound techniques
  • False teeth impression
  • Hair, facial hair, and bald cap applications
  • Age makeup
  • Injury simulation
  • Work with latex and silicon
  • Lifecasting
  • Create believable cuts and burns
  • You can as well operate as a freelance makeup artist and apply your skills in different industries
  • Character Creation 

Special Effects Makeup Artists have the ability to bring unreal characters to life. They do so by manifesting any character with makeup applications using impressive skills. SFX Makeup artists use advanced techniques to create body resemblances of old age, cuts, blood, bruises, burns, deformities, mutations, etc.


Main Tools Used by Special FX Makeup Artists

Doing some kind of research is important in the SFX Makeup field by studying the purposes of tools and products. Because minimal ideas and a lack of knowledge in this field can affect the outcome of your work. Therefore, learn and practice the use of the right tools and different products that will help you with the production of efficient design and a beautifully realistic facial and body outcome. With the right know-how, possibilities become limited.

  • Variety of different sized and shaped brushes for providing different textures
  • Liquid Latex – used to create believable different cuts and burns
  • Fake blood is used to modify different looks. Depending on how or where the blood will be applied, you can look for scabbed blood, or running fake blood to create a number of different character looks. Fake blood can come in a lot of unique and distinct forms. Most special effects makeup artists make use of fake blood on their everyday processes and artistic work,  hence knowledge on how to effectively use fake blood on clients is an important skill among SFX Makeup artists.
  • Bullet wound kits, which are bought as ready-made prosthetics which help Special Effects Makeup Artists to create the best look for their clients and also give you an easier method rather than starting from scratch.
  • Castor seal – used together with liquid latex is applied on top of makeup to produce true color as well as make the makeup run smoothly 
  • Alcohol Activated Palettes applied in color mixing processes
  • 3D modeling compound – used to sculpts 3D skin objects such as fake noses
  • Scar Wax 
  • Cream Foundations
  • Rigid Collodion
  • Silicone 
  • FX Gelatin


Industries and Institutions Where SFX Makeup Services are Applied

  • Theatre
  • TV
  • Fashion designs
  • Special effects labs
  • Beauty schools 
  • Theme parks
  • Media Industries


Benefits of Enrolling For SFX Makeup Course With Janeson

At Janeson, we equip you with the knowledge and abilities to be competent in the SFX Makeup-related field in Kenya. Make a point to make a difference today by enrolling with us and kickstart your SFX makeup career journey. Below are some of the privileges and advantages you will gain while learning with us;

  • We offer courses and training that will enable you to acquire skills that will help you to make looks through makeup. At Janeson, our training classes are convenient to attend and acquire the necessary skills needed that match the modern makeup trends.
  • We give you the freedom to choose from a variety of areas of specialization in SFX makeup courses since we are very aware that there are different types of businesses and individuals who require specific technical skills and hence you have every right to choose an area you’re feeling more passionate about. 
  • Our SFX makeup courses and training will as well give you confidence and credibility in the field.
  • Janeson is dedicated to imparting skills and training that will give you a firm foundation for the latest SFX makeup trends, tools, and techniques, crucial in advancing your skills and career.
  • Janeson SFX makeup school is valued among entrepreneurs since we are known for providing a competitive opportunity to those who study with us.
  • We not only offer training but as well give you advice on how and where to utilize your attained knowledge and skills. Our professional and dedicated advisors are always there to offer guidance useful through your learning journey. Join us today for a suitable, friendly, and free career consultation with our experts.
  • We have flexible classes and training. You study at your own pace whether you want to do it part-time or full-time. 

Are you ready to get started in SFX makeup artist school? Reach out to Janeson today.