Types of Weddings in Kenya

Weddings as happiest memories which are created by couples who want to stay, and live together to make a family have to be unique as shaped by the couple’s uniqueness and preferences, but every wedding is different. However, there are lots of distinct types of weddings in Kenya, and each couple tries to make their wedding creative enough and uniquely special. Weddings differ from location to style, religion, mixed cultures, and choices. These are factors that can make choosing the type of your wedding very unique. Choosing the type of wedding categories can determine whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, romantic or traditional, simple or complex wedding. Associated with rituals to celebrate love and lifetime partnership, weddings are shaped by what type of ceremony will work best for you. To plan your desired wedding, it is important to work with professional wedding planners and managers like Janeson Events who will help you refine your wedding ideas making your big day meaningful and more memorable.


Types of Weddings

There are several ways to personalize the ceremony and make them more relaxed events depending on the couple’s preferences. In a wedding ceremony several sets of activities take place such as wedding rings exchange, exchanging marriage vows, and other rituals take place. Now let us take a look at the different types of wedding ceremonies.

  • Civil Wedding

Civil marriage is a legal ceremony and non-religious ceremony officiated by a government official, the Registrar of Marriages. Before issuing the marriage certificate, the Registrar of Marriages has to confirm that;

  • Each party should be above the minimum age for marriage
  • Neither party is married is in another marriage
  • Neither party is within an illegal relationship
  • File an online application form and attach the required documents such as a copy of national identity card or valid passport or valid alien card for refugees, a Copy of birth certificates of both parties, and a coloured passport-size photo for each Applicant. However, you will also be required to pay a specific fee for the process.
  • Christian Marriages

Christian marriage is a form of marriage where the marriage takes place in a church or a chapel officiated by a priest or pastor who represents the presence of God to unite a man and a woman to form one body in love and commitment. Christians believe that family life is a blessing from God and therefore should be sacred and valued. They also believe that the church should act as a role model of family life and commitment. Christians encourage and support marriages and discourage the breakdown of marriages. Christians believe that marriage is an agreement or a covenant before God.


Common Features in a Christian Marriage

A marriage is a legal process of bringing two people. In a Christian wedding, a wedding registrar needs to be there to ensure that the signing of the marriage register is done properly and in accordance with the law. Marriage ceremonies differ in various Christian denominations, although Christian marriages have different preparations, the following features are the most common:

  • Bible readings take place
  • The wedding couple meet in the presence of an officiant, often in a church or place of worship
  • The bride and groom take their marriage vows in the presence of family, friends, and the congregation
  • The bride and groom most of the time exchange rings as a sign of commitment and their endless love

  • Hindu Marriages

The type of Hindu marriage be it in North Indians, South Indian, or Punjabi their celebration timelines end in three new days where cultural practices are addressed individually. Their wedding attire consists of very colourful outfits where men and women wear head covers during the ceremony. The bride and the maids always wear saris, where the ceremony lasts for two hours. The most prominent color is red in a Hindu wedding as red is revealed in saris, flowers, decorations, invitation cards and everything else can be red. Other times, two or three days before the wedding Hindus apply a little bit of red dye to the bride’s hair. 

  • Customary Marriages

Traditions vary from one community to another and are unique in their own ways. One of the concepts they differ in marriage practices. Are you planning to have a customary marriage? Or do you want to have your existing marriage registered within the law? Well, it is crucial to find more information about your customary practices about how the requirements for completion are done and then go ahead and register. In order to enjoy the benefits and protections of the law, people who are married customarily should register their marriages. 


Criteria to Qualify for a Customary Marriage

  • Both parties should have attained  a minimum of 18 years
  • Both parties must agree freely to the registration of the marriage
  • Customary marriages are only allowed to Kenyan citizens who have completed undergoing their communities’ traditional rites.

  • Islamic Marriages

Islamic marriage is distinct from the above-discussed marriages as it is considered to be a contract between a husband and wife to live together respectively as guided by the sharia law. The concept of marriage under Muslim law allows the marrying of more than one wife. A Muslim husband and wife must remain loyal to one another as the marriage can be prohibited on the ground of consanguinity. Islamic weddings and celebrations are attended by family and friends to witness the occasion and celebrate.


Regardless of the type of marriage, planning and managing a wedding is an important concept to making it meaningful and memorable. This will highly depend on a wedding planner who is professional and creative as well as a wedding planner who can demonstrate proper planning and organization skills. In the event planning field, there are many wedding planners who can offer services in your wedding but he or she has what it takes to make your wedding special as memorable as possible. Contact Janeson Wedding Planners to help you celebrate your love story in a special way.