Voice Over Acting Auditions & Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya

I know that making so much out of the voice is the desire of every voice actor. Well, it is crucial to understand that voice talent is not just a super and sweet voice, but an individual full of

ambition, refined talent, and good business sense. If you have a naturally motivated, sweet, or otherwise attractive voice, then you should be considering getting into voice acting for a while—and with good reason. Voice acting is one of the best, most exciting, and rewarding careers in the modern world, especially when you observe the diverse range of clients, flexible work hours, and the ability to audition and work from a place of your choice.


Breaking into the voice acting world requires hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience. In addition, a voice actor must possess a unique skill set, is exceptionally flexible, and is great at offering a variety of reads. To help you comprehend what it entails to begin a successful career in voice acting requires careful consideration. Just like with any job out there or any new endeavor, you need to evaluate whether or not it is right for you and how to get along. 


Whether you’re just a newbie, or if you’ve had many years of experience in the voice over industry, continuous learning can be beneficial to everyone. There is so much to gain in hiring a voice over coach and attending training sessions. Vocal coaches are known to be the industry’s bridge to expose you to concepts, techniques, and tactics you need to excel. Voice over coaches can help you broaden your horizons in ways that help you become more connected with your talent, and then turn your upgraded skills into a fortune. Moreover, in this modern digital age many voice coaches are making their services available through various platforms – so voice actors and coaches can connect, from anywhere around the world.    


Discover your potential today and apply for voice actor auditions at Janeson Voice Over Agency, the best and the fastest growing voice acting agency in Kenya. This is a unique home where you, as a voice actor, deliver your voice over within a set timeframe. Then, we help you to take care of the marketing, while you focus on doing what you’re best at; delivering a quality voice-over promptly. At Janeson, we are professionals, who believe in teamwork. Because, to us, it’s the only way for a truly tight-knit collaboration that is authentic, easy, and transparent.


At Janeson Voice Over Recordings, we take pride in helping voice actors become great. Therefore, are you new to the business or do you need more experience? We’d wish to assist you as a starter voice. We can offer a chance in offering training, recording a demo, or even coach you. If you desire to know more about becoming a great voice actor, you can read one of our informative blogs on the subject. Our professional voice over trainers offer specialized training in every niche you want. Voice acting trainers can assist with audio production education, character voice development, accent training, demo production, marketing your services, and so much more. However, to help you more in your voice acting career as voice actors who are getting started, the following 3 tips might be beneficial:

  • Ensure to always take care of your voice
  • Take into consideration you have the ability and dedication to complete the job you are auditioning for.
  • Keep on learning no matter the stage where you’re in the career.


Voice Over Jobs

Getting voice over jobs can be challenging, but with Janeson, we make it easier for you as we connect you with potential clients. Voice over jobs, whether is to record a voice-over for TV shows, audiobooks, movies, documentary television, commercials, video games and multimedia, plus so much more. Probably, you might be asking yourself, how much do voice actors make. Well, there are many considerations you should take into account when evaluating what you should charge for your services. The best initial step to start is by understanding the voice over business structure. From the perspective of professionalism and profitability, you need to factor in the costs associated with running your business and managing your career. At a bare minimum, the salary expectation you set for yourself needs to account for those costs associated with conducting your business. These factors include;

  • Your education, and education
  • The nature of the equipment you use and your studio space
  • Your portfolio and experience
  • The usage of recorded material; either for broadcast or non-broadcast
  • The nature of the project and its technical difficulty
  • Skills requirement for the project – other languages, accents required, narration, and character voices
  • The length of the project takes into consideration the duration of the recording and the number of words it has.
  • What rights you will hold for the finished projects


For a successful voice acting audition and jobs in Nairobi, you need to have confidence and self-assurance, gain more experience, build your client base and referral network, as well as complete jobs for more notable brands. Moreover, becoming a great voice actor also requires possession of certain skill sets, qualities, and abilities. These qualities include the following;

  • A voice over actor should be clear in pronunciation during recording to ensure the message is conveyed clearly.
  • To have the ability to meet a client’s requirements and deliver quality results.
  • A great voice talent is familiar with what specific voice over services to pursue and offer. So they ensure to sharpen their skills before applying for jobs. Just like any line of work, you will get more skilled as you put more effort into enriching your talent.
  • Have the capability to manipulate the voice to match the characteristics and purpose of a recording. The purpose of this technique is to captivate the listener by presenting information coherently and interestingly.

Are you ready to showcase your voice over talent through auditions and have job opportunities, contact us today!