Voice Over Jobs / VO Artists Needed in Nairobi, Kenya


For every voice-over artist who is just getting started in the industry, they have major questions they all need to clarify. The first is how to become the best voice-over artist and the other one is about how much they will be making. One thing you should keep in mind is that voice acting salaries vary widely from one industry to another. Remember also voice-over actors do get paid on a job basis. However, some voice over companies could pay more as compared to others due to the certain efforts required to complete the project and regularly depend on several other diversities. 

One of the best-known voice-over companies in Nairobi, Kenya is Janeson. 

Therefore, are you a professional voice-over artist or an upcoming voice-over artist? At Janeson, we have voice-over jobs ranging from Narrations, Commercial voice-overs, cartoons, animation, research and others. To all interested voice artists to start the application process by sending their demos to recordings@janeson.co.ke. We are looking for new, intermediate and professional voice-over artists. If you are motivated and experienced you can also be part of our team. Apply by submitting your speech sample via the online application tool mentioned above.


Advantages of a Career in Voice Over Production 

As a voice actor, your voice is your business and with that, you’re essentially an entrepreneur and this means that what your business makes is a reflection of your dedication and hard work. However, there are advantages that you get in voice-over production as a career. These include;

  1. Make extra money from home; As a voice-over artist you have the privilege to work from home, choosing your comfortable hours and generally being your own boss.
  2. Another benefit of being a modern voice over artist is that you get to work from where you are. Nowadays, most jobs are cast online through voice over websites that connect clients with voice over clients. Companies like production and advertising agencies send voice over job descriptions or send out a script for actors to send custom auditions, the client then makes a selection and the voice actor records from their studio.
  3. Voice-over artists have the ability to utilize one voice and are able to modulate their voice to captivate their listeners by presenting the story that best matches the intonation to the respective audio recording thus making money out of it. Voice over artists thus helps bring a script, a story, to life.
  4. Throughout their career, voice over artists are sound engineers themselves who can clean up their own audio, master it, or even add music depending on a project’s needs. This means that as a voice over artist, you keep on learning every day new things like proper recording, editing and mastering script hence improving your talent.
  5. Unlimited opportunities; The global marketplace is filled with thousands of voice over opportunities with more jobs being posted every day. All that artists need to do is to find voice acting jobs that best suit their vocal qualities.


Voice Over Training

Besides hiring voice over artists, at Janeson we offer voice over training to an upcoming voice over artist or a seasoned artist and would like to improve their delivery. We have qualified, licensed and certified voice over instructors who have dedicated their skills and knowledge to help you with your voice over career. We offer students a full variety of voice training, voice acting classes, voice recording and more varieties that students can choose from. 

Our voice over coaches prepares students to work in careers in voice-over fields such as narration, commercials, or characters. Our training also helps students to prepare their demos. We take pride in assisting our students in refining markets and helping them target their clients better with proper information about current trends and styles. In a broader sense, this will prepare students for a new and exciting career path.

We’ve got you covered, our voice over coaches are dedicated to providing students with the best and reliable coaching.

As you start your voice over career, we suggest carrying the following statements along;

  • Make it happen now and never wait for it to happen. This means that you need to be proactive and share your enthusiasm for your new career with everyone. Get your talent out there, the more people know you’re getting into voice acting, the more likely you are to find the job. Networking is a great step and it’s a step outside which can potentially yield great results. Trying launching your website, creating a Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn profile as a way of reaching a wider audience. Don’t be discouraged when you get rejected because it doesn’t mean you don’t possess skills, you just didn’t fit the voice description the client needed. Keep on going!
  • There is always room for improvement. Keep on training and practicing and never get tired. Don’t relax and wait after taking a few workshops and assuming you’ve made it to the top. Consider voice over training sessions, they might seem costly and a waste of time but they will pay off someday. A voice over coach will help and guide you to grow as a voice actor in a way you wouldn’t have done on your own. The best thing you can get from your career coach is the unlimited knowledge and guidance. Take that chance today and learn more with us.
  • Set realistic goals. Set goals for yourself and by doing so, you will be able to know how to organize your time well. Setting goals and practically organizing your time can help in creating your routine to start and pursuing your voice over career.
  • Create a professional demo. Your demo is your first impression to your potential clients. Record something without background noise, also avoid your sound being muffled. If you can’t get this done on your own, go to a studio with high-quality equipment and with a skilled producer. Remember we can help you with that too!


You want to make great achievements with your voice? Contact us on Janeson Voice-Over Agency and get started on your way to becoming a successful voice over with Janeson today!