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Voice-Over Agency in Africa

As a full-service African voice-agency, at Janeson Recordings, we offer a variety of styles and talents from African voice artists for top African languages and some who can do character voices. Our voice artists offer Amharic, Swahili, Zulu, Oromo, Hausa, Igbo, African French, Arabic, Shona, Somali, Yoruba, and English. This gives you the authority to choose and use the exact voice you desire. Our voice-artists come from a variety of African countries which include Kenya, Somali, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, and Tanzania who provide professional voice-over services remotely or on-location to our clients across Africa. You only have to select the African artist you prefer and we will record the artist, edit the audio and synchronize it to the video making it ready for publication.

Are you looking for voice-over recording and production services? Look no further, Janeson Recordings has got you covered. We are specialized in multilingual projects, managing the voice-over for your audiovisual creations in any language you want in record time. We are much more than a voice bank, we are experts in offering solutions to communication and entertainment needs. Janeson Recordings operates across the continent and is made up of well-coordinated, dynamic and functional team of experts in the audiovisual sector.

We operate with the best speakers to deliver high quality productions. Our voice bank has perfect voices you can choose from that fits your project, or you can let us take care of that for you. Our agency also work with many partners who have their own professional studios, to offer additional services, both pre and post voice-over recordings, thus streaming projects and ensuring what is most important and quality. This saves you time when cooperating with lots of different service suppliers. Then you can be assured that our agency experts have it all under control.

We are production company specialized in production of both local and international film, TV and audio solutions. In addition, we take pride in producing the best voice-over artists in the continent and have produced some of the continent’s challenging voice talents in advertising. We also produce both male and female voice-over artists for specific project. 

At Janeson Recordings, we offer our voice-over services across different categories, be it commercials, explainer videos, animations eLearning, audiobooks, games and Apps, documentary narrations, IVR, voicemails, explainer videos, radio advertising, video advertising and so much more. 

What Voice-Over Services We Offer at Janeson Recordings 

  • Transcription of audio and video content for editing purposes or for use as a voice over script to fit your objectives. For voice-overs and depending on the language, we sometime have to edit the language, while staying within the timeframe allowed as we make a more concise version of the original.
  • We record with professional voiceovers to provide your videos and audiovisual projects with the best voices.
  • We provide closed captions and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing to provide alternative communication languages.
  • Translation of voice over scripts to other languages. Janeson aims to provide full translation service to our customers. Our professional team will team up with you to fully understand your project and effectively manage your work flow from concept to completion, because we take quality very seriously.
  • Video editing and encoding. Put voice over tracks back to video and encode the video in any desired format such as MP4
  • We do audio post-production services for film soundtracks, sound effects design and other audio editing necessities. 
  • We produce all kinds of desktop publishing materials including corporate brochures, packaging, business cards, posters and manuals.
  • We offer a wide range of quality services to ensure efficiency in all stages of voice over production. Our production services are formulated to facilitate your work and assure immediate success.

What We Do to Ensure Quality of Our Services

  • We regulate to adapt and use new technologies so that we can deliver up-to-date services and technologies.
  •  We prioritize in delivering perfect final product and so we work on every project with maximum dedication.
  •  To ensure quality of our services, we invite our customer for a meeting to know exactly what you need to achieve for your project. And for this, we have a standardized project alignment framework, which defines the important information as well as data that is very useful.
  • We give you chances to make changes to your script after recording since we do not accept errors, we repeat recording if it doesn’t fulfill your project’s requirements.
  • We consider dividing your recordings into separate files as this is necessary to provide flexibility in the post-production process.
  • We offer comprehensive services, taking complete management of the whole project from the beginning to the end. To provide efficiency, we help you with creative process where we carefully select the voices, music and background sound that best suits your project.

Voice-over Recording Process

The process composed of three stages and once voice over recording is completed, the recording is ready for use or distribution. The process involves;

  • Pre-production

This is the first stage of voice-over production. Here, the voice actors go through and rehearses a developed script. Enabled by the right set of skills and talent, the voice actors practices their performance. Mostly, pronunciation and intonation is put into focus. Once the script is incorporated, a voice-over demo recording can be made.

  • Production 

Voice-over influences the nature of the sound in the production process which begins with the recording of a voice-over demo. Then it is voiced by a select individual, a voice actor or a professional voice talent. Then comes the narrator who relay different balances and harmonics to record a natural- sounding voicing over. Then the recording engineer proceed to employ standard equalizer and compression if need be, to tweak and make a masterpiece voice-over recording. At Janeson Recordings, we have a team of experts specialized at mastering raw voice-over recordings to fit your expectations.  

  • Post-Production

In addition to voice-over recording, at Janeson Recordings, we also offer sound mixing and editing. Inclusion of sound effects or other building elements of sound help in streamlining a voice-over as required. When there is a need for further editing of the finished track, editing is made using high-end audio hardware and software. In addition, volume levels is amplified and modified within the set limits of the voice-over recording.

If you believe you’ve got a voice to share and you need to take your voice to another level, make a move and let us share your voice to the world. Your voice can be your business and shouldn’t be overlooked. Working with us will guarantee you beneficial outcomes since we not only guide the artists but we also offer employment opportunities and career opportunities to talented voice-over artists. Where marketing and pricing is the key to your success, we offer useful tips to guide you in doing so. Do you want to take action today? Well, contact us on +254714444045 and will help you out.