One of our specializations at RJ IDEAS is writing and producing creative commercial radio and TV voice overs and jingles for various brands in Nairobi and other parts of the Kenya. Jingles refer to advertising slogans that have been set on a memorable melody to help the target clients remember information about your products or services. We produce top quality jingles for TV and radio that have been tailored in line with your brand. Our aim is to see your target clients remembering and humming along to your jingles.

Here are our samples


Working with us is advantageous because of our links to some of the most creative musicians you could ever find in Kenya’s entertainment industry. When you come to us, you will find us already armed with a lot of creative ideas as pertains to perfect TV or radio jingles that create a memorable impression of your brand in the minds of your targeted audience. Our many years of liaison with these artists has enabled us share ideas on how to prepare radio and TV ads that can captivate the audience in Kenya – ideas, which we are more than ready to apply to your project. Some of these voice over artists could be called in to offer their advice on your voice overs or jingles project.
We produce audio or audio-visual logos of your brand to improve the quality of your impression in the marketplace by enabling them to register with your target audience even if the latter are not actively listening. With the knowledge that this is set to be the signature sound for your brand, our efforts ensure that your audio logo remains consistent due to the extensive research and consultations that go into the project. Before we produce the jingles, our experts sit down with you to understand your brand vision and the message you want to put across to the target client.
Our many years of producing voice overs jingles for commercial TV, documentaries, YouTube Videos & radios have enabled us to handle projects in numerous business categories in Kenya. The experience garnered has equipped us with lots of solutions for every kind of project involving commercial TV and radio jingles. Plus, our fees are affordable and negotiable. Call us on +254 700828808 to set up an appointment where we can explain more on how we could prop up your brand visibility through quality commercial TV and radio jingles.