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Web Design Kisumu County Kenya

We are Janeson Media a top digital marketing agency with a team of experienced inhouse web designers and developers. We use WordPress CMS in creating most of our websites.

Kisumu is a port city in Kisumu County and home to many businesses.


In Kisumu we offer the following Web Design Services:


  • Graphics Design Services
  • Mobile Friendly Web Design
  • Website Auditing Services
  • Website Maintenance Services
  • Web Re-design
  • E-Commerce Websites and Shopping Carts in Kenya


Vibrant website designing requires thorough knowledge, creativity.  Our professionals are masters and mentors at website design and development. We can design and develop dynamic website using various scripting languages and make your website look incredible, retain traffic, easy to navigate and impeccable. We also ensure creativity in every design and development work that we do.



We not only build a dynamic website for large corporate we also design websites for small scale business units.  We focus on all the important and relevant features, like developing, design, selection of graphics, images, content and logo which would help you in achieving the online presence you desire.  It would further assist in delivering the specific requirements of web design solutions to your business requirements.


Benefits of Using Janeson Media include:

  • Finding your website on Google and other search engines will be simple.
  • Sharing info from your website with others on social media is easy.
  • People will become more interactive with your content.
  • People will have a deeper understanding of your business, nonprofit, or professional practice.
  • Your website will be more functional.

A designer should be able to offer you certain suggestions based on the various things a website can possibly do. The features in a website are increasing daily and an experienced web designer updates himself with all the new tricks and functions of a website.


We offer suggestions to our clients since they may not know various requirements of a website. The client might have an overall plan about the graphics and the text but graphics and text cannot alone make a good webpage. The website also depends upon the input of the client. Clients should know what they want to achieve from the website.