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Web Design Nakuru County Kenya

We are Janeson Media a top digital marketing agency with a team of experienced in-house web designers and developers. We use WordPress CMS in creating most of our websites.  Research indicates that business websites significantly boost the performance of the business.


Web design and development in Kenya has evolved over a short period making it possible for everyone to acquire professional website because of the emergence of several web design companies in Nakuru.  However, there is the possibility of hiring armature web designers.



Janeson Media is committed to offering the best web design services.  We strive to offer better web design services regarding speed, design, user experience, responsiveness, integration with other software like mobile applications, and affordability. Our services range from developing simple WordPress websites, custom websites for business or personal purpose, web application development/management systems, mobile app development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and web hosting among others.


We use modern technologies that make our websites and web application efficient and easy to use. We stand to be one of the best web design agencies in Kenya. We use these advanced technologies such as developing cloud applications, real-time websites, web applications powered by Angular 2 and Reactjs among other technologies that make your applications supper efficient, elegant, smart and above all help the business provide all its services online. We focus on the functionality and business integration.


We are web design and development professionals who are passionate about working with others to help them be successful online. Our varied backgrounds help bring together an enjoyable, unique experience for our clients.


At Janeson Media, we are a totally internet business-focused, so we know the importance of  your web and online presence and performance is to your organisation, regardless of the type of business, be it large or a starter-up.


Our Team

We have a team of talented designers, developers and skilled programmers work together to understand your business and market needs and help you to attain your goals.


What We Do

We work every day to hone our abilities and trying to meet each and every client’s needs. We create custom, practical websites focused on transforming your users into consumers.


We believe, your success is our success so do not hesitate to call us.