In today’s music-producing world, people are developing, creating and refining recorded music for public presentation. Music production as a career has various categories ranging from songwriting and composition, to recording and sound design to mixing and mastering. Starting with music production can be overwhelming, as it’s a practice that can form the basis of your creative overflow and it’s never been easier to start producing music. To achieve your desire in producing music, all you need is a dedicated and professional music production company like Janeson Recordings. Thanks to today’s technology, music production has been made more accessible than ever before. However, music production comprises different stages to make it perfect. Before we go into detail pertaining to the production stages, let’s check on what equipment is needed.


Music Production Tools and Equipment

To perform music production in Kenya, you need to acquire crucial tools and equipment to create, edit, and mix music to create a finished track. At Janeson Recording we got these tools and equipment to produce your music. The music production technology market is flooded with a variety of tools that are useful to your production. However, we possess whatever you need to produce quality music, music that will rock the industry with its uniqueness and creativity. Some of the tools you need for your music production include;

  1. Computer: The computer is the engine and the backbone of the entire digital music production process. We have stable computers that meet your needs and will handle all production processes. We take pride in producing quality music and therefore, our computers have a powerful multi-core processor, high CPU speed, reliable RAM, and enough storage spaces. 
  2. Digital Audio Workstation(DAW): This is the recording environment in your computer where you write, record, produce, mix, and master the music. At Janeson Recordings, we have already set up for you and you only have to choose from the variety of sound designs in accordance with your taste and workflow. Don’t worry if you don’t have a particular sound in your mind because we offer free trials, it’s worth trying a few to see which feels best. Our DAW has high-quality plugins, sounds, and tools needed to create and edit your music.
  3. Headphones: Perfectly monitoring your sound is crucial for good results in music production. We have a decent headphone setup to enable you to hear all the frequencies equally, a true representation of the audio. 
  4. Sounds and Plugins: Nowadays, most DAWs come with everything built in to enable compositing, editing, mixing, and mastering songs. Plugins are a really great bonus in music production. Virtual instruments and sound effects are the two main plugin types used in music production. We have them all ready for you. We have high-quality equalizers, compressors, reverbs, delays, saturators, and many more to have your work done.

When it comes to sounds, we have a vast selection of sounds, samples, loops in our DAW systems to help you create the tone and texture of your music. Your music sound design is a very vital step because it defines the unique identity of your track. That’s why Janeson Recordings, we put together the important sound resources for all production styles.

 Now that you have an idea of what tools you need to produce music, now the next question will be how they integrate to perform. Well, I am going to explain that right away; Always remember the computer is the centerpiece of your music production, this is where you develop your musical ideas, mastering and mixing will be done on it too and stored in it. It’s the industry of all your music work because all the facets will either be plugged into, or stem from the computer. The USB is used to connect the analog and the digital work where all the digital instruments, loops and samples go through it to headphones and speakers. Headphones and speakers are attached so that you can hear what you’re working on. When the setup is done, now the major part, music production is ,started. 


Stages in Music Production Process

Having knowledge of essential stages in the music production process is crucial to your workflow and productivity. This will offer great help to most musicians, especially those who find themselves stuck in making music from start to finish. Lack of knowledge in the music production process leaves them with a feeling of frustration despite spending long hours in the studio. However, it is important to know the following stages in the music production process;

  • Conception: This is usually the first stage where you decide what kind of music you want to create, music that makes you feel in a certain way. The music can be the happy or the sad type, aggressive or chill type, and also based on a certain genre.
  • Composition: At this step, you bring your music idea to reality. This starts by developing a certain tune, writing lyrics and phrases, rhythm, melody, and harmony.
  • Arrangement: Here you combine all your musical ideas in a more understandable form, flowing from one phrase to the next up to the finish. You provide an introduction, verse, chorus, etc. 
  • Recording: At this stage, this is where you record the vocals that will be used in the music. You do demos giving an idea of how the music should sound like.
  • Editing: This is where we do some changes to your music, we cut, copy, paste, trim, combine various parts to fit together. Also some adjustments such as adding and removing instruments, lengthening and shortening some sections to make great music.
  • Mixing: At this stage of music production, audio levels are adjusted to give a desirable sound and effect to build your song structure. Transitions are cleaned up and unwanted tracks removed and also blending all the recorded and the virtual tracks together.
  • Mastering: In this step, we bring your track to the next level for public use or publication. We use various techniques and tools to make sure the track is loud enough whether in broadcast, downloaded, or streamed. This is to ensure we give the listener an accurate interpretation of the track.

You want to take your music career to the next level? Well, contact Janeson Recordings and we will make your dreams come true.