Audiobook  and Voice Over Narrations Recording Services in Kenya 


Voice gives personality to a literal piece, consistency and keeps the audience alert. It’s through the voice that a narration becomes enjoyment or distraction by giving life to the light or darkness of any piece of art. For an audiobook or voice over narration, the most influential component is the style of delivery and voice. 


Our accomplished narrators are artistically able to bring any script to life from interpretation, to ultra-fine touches among other analytical dispositions. They excel in all stages of creating audio narrations and voice overs; these include: 

  • Initial writing,
  • Translation,
  • proofing, 
  • directing, 
  • editing, and 
  • Post-production


Janeson Recordings provides a timely and cost-effective voice narration package that delivers polished and efficient work that considers:

  1. A Pitch for high, low or natural voice-works.
  2. A voice that can be modified to the pace of your liking
  3. Perfected dramatic pauses that make the performance effective
  4. Best tone to indicate mood and intention towards the audience, e.g. happy, sad.
  5. Modest volume that pleases the listener
  6. Flexible accent that works for any character
  7. Emphasis on syllables for a significant effect and perceived meaning. 
  8. Clear intonations.


Every brand’s ultimate goal is to have their content stick in the minds of their clients, Thus a distinct voice makes the brand instantly recognizable. Our voice actors are professionally reliable performers that add emotion to your script and follow the script to your liking.  To have them deliver your message to your audience either as audio  books, narrations or voice overs reach us on 0714444045 and today for long term consistent partnerships.