Radio Imaging & Production Services in Kenya

Radio imaging is the term used to describe items that brand your radio station. These are similar to visual branding elements, such as a logo, brand colors, among others. 


Radio imaging (also sonic branding), is the auditory components that help to identify and individualize a particular radio station. 


We are radio imaging experts that help your station to stand out above your competitors as well as draw in listeners and bring a unique sense of excitement about your station. 


You could be looking to:

  • Bring instant identification of your station.
  • Give listeners an idea of what to expect and inform them of your unique format.
  • Distinguish your station from other stations and make the listening experience unique, mostly in relation to stations with programming close to yours.
  • Give your station a professional feel.
  • Self-advertise at an almost zero cost.
  • Encourage return listeners and attract new listeners.
  • Create the tone, mood, and feel of your station in order to appeal to a specific demographic and
  • Maintain the flow of programmes as imaging creates a transition in between songs, segments, etc.


We offer various sorts of Radio Imaging:

Jingles, Sweepers, Acapellas, Music Beds, Liners, Bumpers/Stingers, Promos, Drop-ins, Short audio clips from TV, songs, or movies, Drones, Intros & Outros, Listener Voices, Voiceovers. 


Are you thinking of radio imaging? You are a broadcaster or you are considering creating your own station, and have probably heard about radio imaging? What is it about and why’s it so important for any FM radio? At Janeson Ideas, we’ve got the answers to all your questions about radio imaging. We create radio imaging for commercial radio, community radio, government and religious radio, the main objective being informing, educating and entertaining.