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Essentially, a voice-over is an imageless narration behind beaming films, advertisements, broadcasts, games, and documentaries. It’s the behind-the-scenes stimulating voice that spices up the listening experience

And since there’s a way good-sounding voices connect deeply with the human soul, such titillating sounds can draw your targeted viewers or listeners close, increase your brand visibility and ramp up your return on investment. That said, today’s technology has significantly increased the ever-growing demand for voice over sounds

So, if you’re in production, advertising, gaming or broadcasting related fields, seeking out reliable voice-over recording and production services in Kenya like Janeson Recordings is an ideal option. However, with many existing agencies offering similar services, it can be nerve-racking to skim through the available assortment of options — and land a great deal.

Well, fret no more. We’re a competent, credible, and reliable voice-over recording and production agency.  What’s more, we’re not just skipping around circles chanting fanfare slogans. With a vast experience and solid track record, we firmly believe we have what it takes to work closely with you every step of the way.


Our competent, reliable, and highly experienced engineering team is willing to go out of its way to deliver nothing short of top-notch services when it comes to audio productions. Also, we’re always keeping an eye on technological trends. We strive to use advanced, efficient, and updated voice-over recording software to deliver optimal results.

Voice Over Production Stages

The voice-over production process is painstaking. But the good news is: it’s no rocket science. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the voice-over production process:

  • Pre-Production Stage

This marks the first stage in the production process. At this point, the voice-over artist studies, repeatedly masters, and rehearses the recording script over and over again. Some of the types of voices include advertising, neural, and dramatized. Right off the bat, the voice-over artist should possess a mix of sky-high talent and remarkable skills.

Since voice over artists doesn’t grace screens, they have to seamlessly channel their abilities, creative energies, and talents into their voices. Materials are also set up during this stage. Plus, a blend of on-point intonation and error-free pronunciation can’t be downplayed in this amazing industry where the voice is a cornerstone asset.


  • Recording Stage

Needless to say, this is the crucial stage of the entire process. In collaboration with the engineers, the voice-over artist has to record a voice-over demo reel. With a keen eye for detail, the engineer tweaks the equalizer and compression to bring out a natural, ear-soothing sound. Usually, the voice actor starts naturally without any tools — and basing on that, the engineer then uses the available tools to bring out the best possible sound.


  • Editing and Mixing

This stage involves the final production tweaks. During this phase, the engineer is mainly preoccupied with cleaning, editing, and sound montage. Using highly efficient software, additional adjustments such as volume modification, sound effects as well as sound editing are also made. Right after this stage, you can confidently heave, and wait for the final process. At this point, the well-refined recording is converted into a digital format, reproduced — and the distribution process begins.


Voice Over Artists for Hire

Apparently, the voice-over skill is a rare gem that can be profitable if developed the right way. We have a surfeit of talented beginner voice-over artists, and we’re always happy to make their skills more profitable.

Through our well-thought-out, resourceful and organized courses, and coaching sessions, budding voice-over artists hugely increase their odds of success. They even go as far as having their golden voices featured in films and radio advertisements.

If you’re looking for talented voice-over artists for hire, Janeson Recordings has got your back. We’ve churned out some of the best male and female voices all across the country. Also, our team has a good grasp of a wide variety of languages including Swahili, English, and other local languages.


Ready? Here’s How to Land Voice Over Jobs

Are you an aspiring voice-over artist?

If so, feel free to take the leap of faith – and embark on the adventurous journey of skill and talent. You don’t necessarily need vast experience or extensive accolades to join the exclusive voice-over artists bandwagon. Quite simply, all you need is a combination of deep interest, roaring passion, and willingness to do what it takes to grow your skills.

Our professional team will move your skills up a notch. So, if you have a hunch that you can do this, feel free to reach out to us and record a voice-over demo. Also, remember that self-marketing and pricing are crucial for growth. So, don’t hesitate to inquire from professionals when you encounter challenges.


Why Choose Us?

If you are part of the production, filming, or broadcasting related businesses, you can capitalize on voice-over recordings to develop your business. Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for talented voice-over artists, or you’re an aspiring artist looking to grow your skills and close deals, we’re the go-to voice-over agency in Kenya. We’ll be happy to offer you cost-effective, reliable, and time-saving services. Don’t hesitate to visit our studio, or give us a call.


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