Janeson Events brings freshness, creativity and reliability to events planning and management in Kenya. With end to end event design, planning and coordination, we make your event unforgettable. From conferences and workshops to product launches, company parties and award ceremonies, we take the hassle away and deliver memorable experiences on message, on budget and on time.


Whether it is an annual general meeting, wedding ceremony, convention, conference, tradeshow, product launch, team-building, company party, family party, SACCO party, fundraiser, or what have you, Janeson Events is ever on standby to turn it into a memory of a lifetime. We strive to deliver each event on time as agreed, on budget, and without distorting the expected message.

In short, we coordinate every detail of events. All you need to provide are the objectives you aim to achieve.

Our planning skills include:

  • Budgeting for an upcoming event
  • Setting timelines or arranging programs.
  • Selecting and reserving the site.
  • Liaising with the relevant authorities to get necessary permits.
  • Selecting prospective attendees.
  • Coordinating transportation.
  • Selecting speakers and keynotes.
  • Taking necessary safety measures.
  • Providing audio-visual equipment (PA system).
  • Entertainment.
  • Arranging for printed materials (flyers, etc.).

Janeson Events has mastered the energizing art of choreographing people and activities to create a show that lives forever in the attendees’ minds. Event planning is not for the faint-hearted, for it can be stressful and demanding. 

It is a job you assign to those you trust can multitask and face numerous deadlines without disappointing the people involved. We take the time to visit prospective meeting sites and rehearse for the upcoming activities to ensure everything falls into place on D-Day.

Janeson Events brings freshness, creativity, and reliability to events planning and management in Kenya. 


Who We Serve

Individuals Events

Looking for Event management of private events like birthdays, weddings, birthday and wedding anniversaries or other family events, Janeson Events is here to help you make your event a memorable event.

Corporate Events

Janeson Events is one of the  the best event planners and event managers in Nairobi, Kenya for conferences, product launches, summits and team building corporate events.

Government Events

Government Summits & Events. Strategic project planning and guidance. Transparent and Reliable Event Management for Government Institutions.
Janeson Events helps plan events of all kinds, from small daily meetings to multi-day conferences with thousands of invitees.

Wedding Events

The best event planners and event managers in Nairobi, Kenya for weddings & reception.  We help you in planning your wedding, finding the best venue, wedding mc, photography, sound, tents and more.

Our Services

Furniture Solutions

We do over chairs and furniture for hire. We have great solutions for weddings, government events, private parties and  schools.

Decor Lining

We are the one event design firm that you can trust to conceptualize and execute your theme stress free and with great attention to detail. Nomatter the brief, we will figure out how to do it and give solutions and proposals that culminate in the most memorable moments.


Looking for a dj for your event? Janeson Events DJs are seasoned and experienced in delivering the best in your event.


Despite the complexity of your stage or set design, Janeson Events team of qualified professionals has a wealth of experience to bring your structural imagination into spectacular reality by utilizing the latest and safest international staging and rigging equipment and systems.


Tents & Marquees For Hire from across Nairobi. Get the very best prices from trusted buyers today! Kenya Tents For Hire & Prices – For Weddings, Parties, Funerals, Events


Do you need a Master of Ceremony (MC) to perform at your event? Our great MC’s will help you get the message across or just make sure everyone have a good time. We have great MCs for any event be it a wedding, Corporate Events, entertainment, birthdays, schools events and governments events amon others.


Get the best PA system most suited varies from one scenario to the next. Janeson Events have an experienced and dedicated team at our disposal, each with different specialties and unique abilities when it comes to sound and acoustic design.


We have an impressive array of inventory to handle the illumination Needs for your event and our lighting designers help turn your vision into a reality, creating custom lighting solutions that heighten the event experience for your audience. Using the latest technology, our experienced team will find the perfect solution for your event and stage lighting needs by harnessing the power of artistic illumination to add drama, impact and emotion to big and small productions alike.


Not all caterers are the same; some will provide impressive services, while bogus ones will disappoint you. Choosing the best caterer for your event is a task you only assign those who understand the dynamics of the catering industry.

Janeson Events has some of the best caterers in town. They pay attention to details. Secondly, they are well-organised. 

Thirdly, the caterers are available for communication at any time, especially toward D-Day. We know the importance of communication. For instance, there could be unexpected changes in the number of expected guests, so timely communication would ensure enough food is bought.

Lastly, our caterers genuinely love serving good food, not making money.


Kids Entertainment Events


The first step in entertaining a child is to think as a child. The entertainer must be able to enter the kid’s minds and figure out what is likely to keep them giggling.

We have a variety of time-tested kids’ entertainment activities to bring to kids’ events. Our kids’ entertainers are amongst the best performers in Nairobi. How an entertainer presents himself to the audience is crucial. But it is more crucial when the audience is kids. How would you captivate kids’ interest for long, considering they lose interest too fast?

How do you maintain being in a good mood, firm, full of positive energy, calm, excited, cheerful, unshy, confident, energetic, childlike, quirky, and weird? Each of our entertainers has a dose of each of these qualities and more.

When children attend an event, they look forward to different games or fun activities. The games have to be engaging or interactive to keep them glued. If you are holding a kids’ event, get in touch with us for sturdy, spacious, and safe trampolines that kids will enjoy jumping on.

Here are some of the engaging activities and games we provide at kids’ events:

Magician Performance


Kids generally love magical entertainment, especially simple magic tricks they can absorb. Janeson Events has some of the best magicians for kids in Nairobi who give lively performances at kids’ birthdays, school events, etc.

Kids are always full of wild imaginations, so they are always curious about new things around them. Therefore, hiring a magician for kids’ events would keep them entertained throughout.





Our acrobatics give more than just breathtaking stunts and movements you have no doubt seen on TV. Our talented, fearless, experienced, flexible acrobatics mix their mastery of balance, motor coordination, and agility to let dancers achieve incredible acts that will thrill the kids and keep them on the edges of their seats.

Get in touch with Janeson Events if you need acrobats to deliver exquisite technique and exceptional performance skills at a kids’ event. We also uphold safety measures at all times.



Facepainting for kids has become a popular addition to any kids’ party, birthday, school event, holiday, or celebratory event.

Face-painting allows the kids to experience what it means to be a child. Another good thing about face painting is that it involves creativity and allows the kids to expand their imaginations.

Janeson Events has some of the best face-painters in Nairobi who always bring fun and life to kids’ events. We employ only highly skilled and talented makeup artists who can bring a child’s imagination to life, right there on their faces!

Unlike some of our competitors, we use safe, approved colours for face-painting; you don’t have to worry about the paint harming a child’s face. The colours are also easy to rub off.

Bouncing Castles


One way to make kids enjoy exercise or spending free time outdoors is to bring bouncing castles to children’s events. A bouncing castle keeps them really busy jumping around, rolling, somersaulting, and all.

At Janeson Events, we have high-quality bouncing castles that are well-built and designed to take in their actions and weight without bursting. We buy from companies that use thick, sturdy materials that are puncture-proof and harmless. 

Our bouncing castles are also attractive for kids.

Clown  & Puppeteers


Kids also want to see clowns and laugh at the jokes thrown their way. We have really funny, comical clowns to keep the kids laughing.

Puppets have been around for centuries, entertaining children and helping them develop an interest in stories and dramas. Puppeteering also encourages the kids’ imagination and creativity.

Janeson Events is home to some of the most talented puppeteers you could find in Nairobi. We perform puppet shows at birthdays, school events, religious functions, or parties.



We have the most secure trampolines for kids. Our trampolines have safety enclosures to keep the kids safe while jumping up and down. They can jump as high as they want, knowing they will not fall to the ground should they lose their balance mid-air.

The trampolines also have ladders for the kids to climb up or down safely. 

Kids love jumping, and trampolines give them that opportunity to “touch the sky.” The jump mats on our trampolines are strong and designed to provide high jumps. The frame and springs holding the jump mat are made of galvanised steel, hence strong enough to withstand the weight and force of the children jumping on the trampoline.

Janeson Events – For All Your Events Planning & Full Package Solutions

Events and parties are never the same when you have a dynamic, creative and reliable team on board who are willing to go to any lengths to deliver successful performance and quality service. That is the kind of a team Janeson Events is made up of in our pursuit to make the clients have the best of the events to be. Our services are of help ad great assistance to any one or group that is a hosting:

Individual events – this may include birthdays, wedding ceremonies, reception & anniversaries or other family events.

Corporate Events – we are the best event planners and event managers when it comes to conferences, product launches, summits and team building corporate events.

Government Events – We help organize and run Government Summits & Events. Strategic project planning and guidance.

School Event- When it comes to schools, colleges and universities we are here to help with you in all type of events from graduation ceremonies, AGM meetings and Parents day events among other.


We have a variation of services that we as Janeson Events are willing to bring to the table in aa way to make tour event easier to manage. Our connections when it comes to the industry will also be an added advantage when you chose to work with us. Some of the services we provide include: