Micro Weddings – Wedding Planner For a Small Wedding in Nairobi, Kenya

A wedding should be celebrated to its maximum as it is a special day for the couple regardless of how small or complex the wedding is. However, to make the wedding a success and memorable it depends on a wedding planner who can demonstrate proper planning and organization skills. In the event planning field, there are many wedding planners who can offer services in your wedding but he or she has what it takes to make your wedding special as memorable as possible. For instance, a micro wedding, also known as an intimate wedding since they compromise small attendants of very close family and friends on a much smaller scale. As far as micro-weddings are concerned, it is crucial to work with reputable and reliable firms like Janeson Wedding Planners to plan and manage your wedding. At Janeson, we take pride in serving couples to celebrate their love story in a special way during their wedding.


Skills of a Micro-Wedding Planner

To organize and run a successful micro-wedding requires some set of skills because there is a need to demonstrate professionalism and experience that requires knowledge of event management and planning. Choosing our wedding planning services, our planners will help you develop a detailed understanding of your budget, timelines, and checklists while working with other staff to manage your wedding event. However, in order to provide quality services, our planners are trained to have the following micro wedding planning skills;

  • Professionalism; Micro wedding planner must demonstrate a certain set of skills and professionalism. It can be frustrating telling your client that you have no idea about micro weddings after they have offered you the job and they have entrusted the whole wedding to you. This can be humiliating and embarrassing as most couples could be planning their first wedding. At Janeson, we provide you with ready-made micro wedding planners who are fully equipped with wedding planning and management skills.
  • Budgeting skills; Every couple always wants to stay on budget and balance what they want to accomplish with the amount of money they have at hand. Sticking to the budget you have, can be more efficient if you work with a professional wedding planner who possesses essential budgeting skills. With this approach, you can solve major problems when they arise. A budgeting skill is one of the most important talents to have to become a great wedding planner.
  • Understanding Skills: The main goal of having understanding skills is that it will help you to navigate well through the entire process of planning, organizing, and coordinating a micro wedding. Since you will be working with brides who will be expressing some emotional meltdowns. Therefore, this is where the ability to understand peoples’ emotional state will assist you to have courage and the ability to perform your duty very well.
  • Well Organized; One of the most crucial character traits of a wedding planner is the ability to be organized. Therefore, being organized is important when planning a wedding to ensure the accomplishment of great results and make your client satisfied and happy with your services. Remember this is the reason you were offered the role of a wedding planner in the first place, to organize the event.
  • Positivity; No matter how well you plan and organize a micro wedding earlier, mistakes are going to happen in an event like this and can make things horrible. For instance, a photographer may fail to show up on the very day and as a wedding planner, you have to look for an alternative to take photos. Through all these challenges, being patient and maintaining positivity is the secret to overcoming all.
  • Being Resourceful; Another key characteristic to become a professional wedding planner is all about being resourceful as well as knowing and understanding your client’s needs very well. Remember to create good relationships with various vendors, tailors, and suppliers, this way when one vendor is not responding, you will be having other options.


Checklist of  Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding has to follow certain guidelines regardless if you are a newbie or pro in the wedding planning industry. These guidelines help you organize and make the necessary decisions to plan and organize a wedding. Below is a wedding planning checklist that can help you organize any type of wedding including a micro wedding;

  • The first thing to do is to identify your wedding priorities. It could be the wedding venue, the wedding attire, entertainment, or the catering. Decide what is the most crucial and give it more advantage.
  • Choose the wedding colour theme and fashion. Remember, the colour theme you select should correspond to the color of the wedding venue and the one that enhances the party.
  • Bring and organize the team, to begin with the wedding preparation process.
  • Plan and prepare the wedding party. This step will provide you with an opportunity to determine the general outlook of the party as well as how many people will be invited to the party venue.
  • Decide and create a guest list. Know how many people will be invited to attend the wedding ceremony.
  • Choose a convenient wedding date; Always select the day that will be comfortable and easy for the guests and the couple.
  • Make reservations wisely; You can opt to host both the ceremony and the reception.
  • Book an officiant; It can be great to book a professional, for instance, an ordained person.
  • Research and select your photographers, caterer, florists, etc.
  • Prepare an engagement party that comprises minimal close family and friends.

Are you looking for a seasoned or a professional micro wedding planner to help you refine your idea and give you an opportunity to be creative and unique with your style, menu, and general micro wedding presentation? Contact us today to get exceptional but yet unique micro wedding planning services to keep you and your guests amused. We’ve got you helping you celebrate your love story in a special way during your wedding.